Away on adventures in Colorado

Spanish Peaks, South West Colorado Mountains, exploring in ColoradoI’ve been away from here for a good couple of days it seems, and partly that would be because of the roadtrip I went on, as well as recovering from said roadtrip. Me and the boyfriend decided to head to Colorado for a 3 days adventure, and while we pretty much spent a whole combined day driving (the drive from here in Northern Texas to where we were staying in South Fork was a underestimated 12 hours) it was a fun drive, and completely worth it for the time we got to spend exploring mountains, photographing small run down towns, and in general just enjoying the wondrous, gorgeous beauty of South-West Colorado.


A Study In Color and Intensity- Self Portraits and Expression

redlips and black dress

I’m always looking to get better at learning how to use my camera, and while I think i’ve gotten better than I was before at shooting landscapes and architecture, I’m pretty terrible when it comes to taking photos of people. The gestures, the variations in the color of eyes and the tint in hair, I used to focus on these things when I would draw portraits (as it was my favorite thing in the world to draw, people and gestures) but since I took a break from drawing people to focus on mountains and expressive objects, I think i’ve forgotten how to focus my eyes on these points.

So, for the next couple of posts i’m going to be exploring color, gestures, movement and intensity, and how I can capture those things once again, behind a camera this time. This is also going to end up being a series of self portraits as i’ve yet to be able to convince my friends to step in front of my lens. Maybe I should start bribing them with baked goods?


Exploring In New Hampshires Forests

Exploring In New Hampshires Forests

The best photo so far from this past trip through the East Coast of the USA with my friend Kat. Am home now and it’s weird readjusting to the idea of staying in 1 place for longer than a few days before packing everything up for the next whirlwind adventure. Getting back into the groove of a familiar bed, coffee without diner food, and the general day to day going ons. Happy to be back in one piece, but missing the road already.


~Upcoming adventures on the East Coast~

20140505-141918.jpgIn a little less than 2 weeks (May 14-24) me and my awesome friend Kat will be meeting for the first time ever (she lives in Norway while i’m currently residing here in Texas) and embarking on a 10 day adventure that will take us from a stay in NYC to a 5 day roadtrip through Maine-New Hampshire-Vermont-Connecticut- Rhode Island, ending in an exploration of Boston, Massachusetts. While we’ve handled all the logistics (flights, hotels, car rental, busses/trains ) we still have not much of an idea of where we’re going and/or what we’ll be doing….but that’s part of the adventure no? Just going somewhere, seeing what happens and where you’ll end up. I’m buzzing with excitement, joy and wanderlust and judging from our whatsapp messages, i’m thinking the feeling is mutual. Everything else in my life right now is a slight meltdown mess, but the chance to go on adventures like this keeps my head above waters, and the rest just boils down to my philosophy of “challenge it, deal with it or burn with it.” Keeps life interesting I think.




Ah life. (Aka, what happens when you throw your hands up in the air and let be)

Ah life. (Aka, what happens when you throw your hands up in the air and let be)

Well, attempts to control events in my life and plan things like my future better have gone by the wayside. But, since currently nothing is on fire, I’ve got money in my pocket and my cars wheels are still rolling, I think I can breathe and just let stuff be.

Amid the craziness of looking for a better day job, planning my 10 day east coast trip with Kat the Magnificent (so far NYC and Boston are solid destinations, everything else is wonderfully up in the air, and a rental car has been reserved for added exploration!), trying to finish various art projects and also keep up with my friends and penpals, trying to find a ribbon of calm can be a frustrating endeavor. But you can find joy in the clutter and madness, and i’m finding I can ride the wave of energetic nuttiness that life brings to those who live on the edges of “normalcy” rather well, and honestly, i’m pretty happy here on the outer rings of a constellation of adventures.