First Look From the Road- Zion National Park, Utah

   the three patriarchs, Zion National Park

There are several very special songs I listen to on road trips. Well, thats not true, I listen to almost anything that strikes the mood ( there is a wonderful memory I have of singing I’ll Make A Man Out of You, from the Mulan soundtrack while driving through the endless cornfields of Kansas) and while some people have strict rules about the proper songs to listen to while out on the great open road, I honestly can’t listen to music for very long before I get bored and need to put on a podcast or lecture.


Like I said, there are several specific songs I make an effort to always and without fail listen to, with the window down if at all possible and the volume turned up to just below car-shaking. These songs are as follows:

Cold As Ice– Foreigner
Shoot To Thrill– AC/DC
Don’t Stop Believin’– Journey
Hold The Line– Toto

I know, trust me, all the things you could say about my choices here- but you can blame my 12 year old self that still resides in my deepest of hearts, cause when life is going so well, when the sky is opening up in front of me and the road is my friend and most trusted companion, these are the only songs I want to sing out in all the wrong keys and so loud that the echo of my voice leaves an imprint in my memories of that moment. Thankfully the boyfriend usually always indulges me and this tradition and even sings along with me, and the drive up from the Grand Canyon, out of Arizon to Utah and Zion National Park was no different.


P.S an actual post on the wonder and beauty of Zion to follow soon.