Hoodoo’s And Snow- Bryce Canyon, Utah pt.1

Bryce Canyon in March Snow in the Hoodoos, Bryce Canyon Overlooking the trails, Bryce Canyon Lookout towards Hwy 12 scenic route Snow melting in Bryce Canyon

After leaving The Grand Canyon and passing through Zion to get to the place we would be spending the next 3 nights in the lovely and utterly charming town of Springdale (more on that later), we woke up somewhat early Tuesday morning, had breakfast at Wildcat Willies (more on that later as well) and headed towards Bryce Canyon.

I guess as a quick aside, I should mention that this trip took place at the beginning of last month and while here in Texas March is pretty much the transition to Spring from whatever weird kind of Winter we had, in other less odd states, March is still somewhat on the Winter end of the spectrum when it comes to weather. It would perhaps have been good for me to remember this but then again if the rest of this trip has been any indication, I literally plan nothing so, what can you expect? This is also the reason I ended up at Bryce Canyon in really inadequate Vans that had literally zero traction and therefore couldn’t really do any of the trails that were still covered in ice at the most inopportune of places. Not that I didn’t try, after walking most of the Rim Trail me and boyfriend came across the Queen’s Garden Trail sign and well, of course I had to see if it was doable, even in my at this point utterly-covered-in-mud-vans. It is a straight up miracle that I didn’t fall on my butt heading down that trail, and while the boyfriend was actually surprisingly optimistic about our chances, I was the realistic one and had us turn back before someone got seriously hurt. Who says I can’t be responsible?

We walked the muddy and at times icy Rim Trail from Sunset Point to Fairyland Point and it was honestly more amazing that I had been expecting. With the Grand Canyon, I had certain expectations going in and while they where all met and at times exceeded, with Bryce it was completely different. I had decided to visit Bryce because I had mistakenly googled Bryce Canyon instead of Carlsbad Caverns (don’t….just don’t ask how I messed that up so badly, even I don’t know) and after seeing photos of the red rock formations called of all things, “hoodoos”, I had bugged the ever living life out of the boyfriend until he agreed to add it to the roadtrip itinerary. His face when we crested the first overlook and gazed out at the startlingly orange formations was priceless, as were his first words, “holy crap, this is really cool!”.

We drove to the rest of the viewpoints which were amazing and which i’ll cover in the next post, but I will say this was the most enjoyable part of the visit to Bryce, just walking around the rim of the Amphitheater and while visiting here continued the tradition I picked up at the Grand Canyon of random tourists asking me to take their photo (and I still can’t figure out why no one ever approached the boyfriend for this) I can say I still didn’t mind it and we even had a lovely woman come across us taking a selfie at Sunrise point and offer to take our photo so, fairs fair.



Art Journal Monday- These Black Stars and Deadlands

Song lyrics- Far From Any Road, The Handsome Family

Song lyrics- Far From Any Road, The Handsome Family

I’ve been thinking about death a lot lately.

Well ok hold on- before this gets really morbid, let me begin anew by saying, i’ve been thinking about death in that all encompassing and almost annoying way you can get when its 3 in the morning and you can’t sleep and your thoughts begin to go down the path of “i wonder where do we go after it all ends” and then you migrate on over to “is anything eternal, does anything truly linger?”  I wouldn’t presume to think i’m the only one who gets like that when sleep won’t come, thought I imagine that it’s less common with people who get enough rest.

black suns and stars

Here in Texas, the land seems to go on forever sometimes, long stretches of road that fades into the horizon like you’re out at sea and the shore is just a faded memory. I’ve been out there in the dead of night with no cars in sight for hours on end, driving driving driving and it’s at times like that when the idea of eternity seems the most real to me, as odd as that sounds. There’s just something about being behind the wheel of a car, the wide open road yawning forever in front and just pocketed shadows of land surrounding me, containing the possibility of anything. It takes you about 7 hours to just get out of the state, at least from where i’m situated, and trust me, believing in eternity- in the idea of forever – it comes so easy when passing under the shadows of the monumentally enormous grain silos and almost terrifyingly gentle wind farms that span the nothing out there.

lyrics, art journal photography

So why death then, if eternity is what occupies my mind? ‘Cause death holds tightly gripped hands with eternity, you can’t get one without the other even if you tried and I think accepting the idea of eternity is about as easy (or as hard, depending on who you ask) as truly accepting the idea of death, that inevitable end. And when I look out across the small expanse that is my life, I want to know that I am satisfied with what i’ve done, and still utterly hungry for more. And accepting both eternity and death, it helps me with that.

And honestly, most days? I’ll take all the help I can get, no matter where it might come from.

What do you think about, when it’s 3 am and you can’t get any sleep?

far from anyroad, art journal post

Songs on Repeat This Past Week- 

Legions (War)Zoƫ Keating
Nagada Sang DholShreya Goshal
Thrown AwayVast
Can IAlina Baraz, Galimatias
Prituri se PlaninataStellamara
CowardHayden Calnin

Not drowning in my coffee cups yet,
~ m

Under The Overpass, A Southern Gothic Sky – Rowlett, TX-66

Rainbow trees in Texas
The horizon over Rowlett, TX
Rowlett Sky
Under The Bridge, Rowlett TX
Rainbow Sky, Rowlett TX, fablesandcoffee
Under the Overpass, Rowlett TX

Exploring under the overpass, Rowlett TX

The highway, the sky- Rowlett TX

“Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And she’s always gone too long
Anytime she goes away”

It’s odd how some songs just feel so appropriate to places, no matter how little they actually have to do with said place. Like memories you didn’t really have but somehow ended up with anyways, they insert themselves into the fold and leave imprints behind of feelings and impressions.

Usually when I go exploring in Texas, I find a town on a map I want to drive to, or an interesting landmark to seek out. This time was different.

I found myself driving back from the Futuro House and remembered the highway overpass that had taken us over a marshy lake, from where you could see the broken branches of trees rising above the waterline. And maybe it was because I didn’t really have plans for anywhere else to go that day, or maybe just something about the way the sun was starting to set in the sky… I’ll never be sure what it was that made me do it, but next thing I knew we were parking the car and setting off on foot to explore that odd little recreation area just outside of the nicer part of Rowlett.

After exploring the main area, where shores disappear into the true depths of the lake, we followed the revving engines of an adventurous lone dirt biker nearby, who was under the highway overpass doing determined, continuous laps back and forth-back and forth, like it was some kind of ritual.
(People do love their rituals here.)

We stayed a distance away, wanting to respect his prior claim to explore but, I think he wanted to talk to us; riding near us and looking over continuously, shiny helmet that reflected the setting sun never coming off. Finally though, after a long moment where he parked his bike just up ahead of where we were going to walk to and finding us slightly unwilling to come closer to a stranger lingering under the shadows of such a deserted area, he rode off, very literally, into the sunset.

We ourselves stayed until the sun set all the way beneath the waters; sky turned a deep and impossible purple, the kind that if you could taste colors, would taste like rich plums. We lingered until the insistent rustling of things in the bushes, of growing ripples in the water grew to such a fervor we knew it was probably time for us to make our way home.

“Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
Only darkness every day.
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
And this house just ain’t no home”

P.S the rendition of this song,by Coeur De Pirate :