The Sky Will Eat You Up- Northern Texas

I haven’t been posting much lately as my plans for world domination (and my day job) have been eating up bigger chunks of my time than normal. I spent the last day off I had surrounded by notecards, fabric and shredded pieces of paper, piecing together plot summaries, character studies and setting ideas for my novel, texting friends in the middle of the night to ask if ” love quadrangles are over-rated?”.  And while I have still yet to edit all the photos I took from my trip in January,  my body twitches and shakes for another adventure. Soon, maybe? I’m considering plans for a 2 weeks roadtrip up through Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, with the goal of Glacier National Park, but we’ll see.

For now though, Northern Texas is quite lovely and it’s tumultuous skies that threaten to break reality help keep my wanderlust contained.





A Sunset around Las Colinas, TX

One of my favorite places in northern texas, there’s something about this neighborhood in Irving that spring up out of almost nowhere, fields one minute and then the next you’ve got tall buildings everywhere, construction crews digging ferociously at the earth,  and an interesting landscape to watch the sun set around.

If I’m honest there’s something about it that reminds me of California in the weirdest way….something about the potential for anything. It might not be as impressive as Dallas, full of distractions like Plano, or even as lush as Farmers Branch, but it’s got something I can’t describe that pulls me to it every so often when I need my head cleared.


The Excellence of a Turbulent Sky

There are few things that can make my eyes light up and my fingers twitch for a camera like the skies. The horizon always claims my eyes, but a sky at war with itself is a wondrous thing to me.

I’ve run and chased the light, pulled into closed down water parks just for the chance of an  extraordinary glimpse. The heavens have split open and compelled my stillness in the most ordinary of places, a parking lot. And more than once, driving home exhausted from work, i’ve been gifted with a sunset that sparks ideas of nuclear blasts and unforgiving gods with it’s intensity.  20140129-120541.jpg20140129-120549.jpg20140129-120556.jpg20140129-124818.jpg20140129-120608.jpg20140129-124824.jpg