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20140625-130640-47200321.jpgLife gets busy, life gets all over the place, even during the idle days of summer. Currently i’m working fulltime at my day job as a pharmacy tech, which leaves precious little time for all my creative passions, not to mention adding in trying to brush up my Spanish skills a bit more (and thinking about another language to add…German prods at me, but Russian seems like a good idea for my future career choices….) and trying to get myself into better shape as well (oh jogging, here I come apparently) . My letters to pen-pals are starting to resemble a modest mountain, my books to read have gone from being lovingly displayed on shelves to getting buried under swatches of fabric, and my product sketches are starting to fall into my art journal and have a hard time finding their way out.

Singer Sewing Machine Canon 60D My Love

Steve, the Pink Alpaca, wearing my headphones.

Steve, the Pink Alpaca, wearing my headphones.

Still, i’m learning to move my mentality from “tomorrow, or idk, how about waiting till my next day off?….” to  something more like “ok, get it together you noodle! Go do stuff! Actual stuff, not Tumblr!” . This isn’t to say i’m still not floundering on tumblr over photosets of Chris Evans and/or Sebastian Stan, it just means i’ve started avoiding blogs that deal exclusively with yummy human beings. Which….that makes me sounds a bit like a cannibal doesn’t it? Wells, just going to leave it at that anyways, the sentiment is similar enough.It's All Moot Pink Alpaca Feet

A cheery almost- end of June! Enjoy a cool mix:




Books and Postcards in Central Park- Manhattan,NYC



Heading towards Central Park, our first real destination for exploration of the day, we got tangled up in the joy of books and postcards when we came across this Strand outpost just outside the boundaries of the park. I always pick up postcards when I come across them for my penpals, but these were beyond your run of the mill “I LOVE NYC” postcards, something to send to my friends who despair of kitschy souvenirs.  And while I didn’t need another book, it seems to have become a tradition of mine to buy at least one book whenever I travel, so I finally picked up Cosmos by Carl Sagen, something to swirl my headspace a bit.




I can’t honestly see myself living in New York again,too many other cities I want to fall in love with… but browsing through books while yellow cabs sped down the streets, hearing the murmur of passerby’s headed into the calm of a place to sit in the park, sharing a laugh with the book vendor as he asked me if that was all after I handed him what could surely have been a hundred postcards, there’s always going to be something about NYC, a moment, a place, that pulls you in and makes you understand what compels so many people to yearn to call it home.




Epic Trip Time! But first, coffee.

After meeting up in Newark Airport (the worst place for the first meeting of an epic friendship btw….a 40 minute queue for a taxi amid weirdly humid/rainy 2am Jersey weather, not to mention both of us sleepy and tired) and venturing into Brooklyn to crash at our hotel, me and Kat woke up the first day of our 10 day journey all over the East Coast of the USA ready for epic adventures. Since we were only spending 2 days in NYC, and it was her first time ever in the US, there was a pretty hefty challenge to see as much as we could, to run all over the island with the help of as much inexpensive coffee as we could find. There were places I could live without seeing again (here’s looking at you Times Square ) and places I couldn’t wait to experience again (Brooklyn Bridge, gods yes ) so it was just a matter of being mature, responsible and putting together a good list of places near each other, the best way to get to them, as well as a reasonable timetable.

I’m kidding of course, this is me, I can’t plan to save my life and Kat might be more responsible than I am but still, we’re great friends for a reason.

So we woke up that first day, aimed towards the nearest subway station, I downloaded the MOST USEFUL APP IN THE HISTORY OF EVER, seriously, i’m pretty sure this thing is the only reason me and Kat managed to get back to our hotel in Brooklyn after stuffing our faces in Chinatown and wandering all over midtown, the NYC Subway app, dunked ourselves in coffee and headed into Manhattan to poke at places on the map and see everything that we could.

And while I can’t say we explored every single inch of Central Park, scouted targets from the Empire State Building, or kissed the Statue of Liberty pink, we managed to have a rather epic and stupidly insanely fantastic time the 2 days we stayed there. And i’m proud to say she’s more than willing to give NYC a second visit sometime in the near future, unlike some other places we visited (sorry Connecticut but dear gods, what a disaster…) which is a tale for another time, soonish.

at Hotel BPM, dead tired

at Hotel BPM, dead tired


to be continued…

~Upcoming adventures on the East Coast~

20140505-141918.jpgIn a little less than 2 weeks (May 14-24) me and my awesome friend Kat will be meeting for the first time ever (she lives in Norway while i’m currently residing here in Texas) and embarking on a 10 day adventure that will take us from a stay in NYC to a 5 day roadtrip through Maine-New Hampshire-Vermont-Connecticut- Rhode Island, ending in an exploration of Boston, Massachusetts. While we’ve handled all the logistics (flights, hotels, car rental, busses/trains ) we still have not much of an idea of where we’re going and/or what we’ll be doing….but that’s part of the adventure no? Just going somewhere, seeing what happens and where you’ll end up. I’m buzzing with excitement, joy and wanderlust and judging from our whatsapp messages, i’m thinking the feeling is mutual. Everything else in my life right now is a slight meltdown mess, but the chance to go on adventures like this keeps my head above waters, and the rest just boils down to my philosophy of “challenge it, deal with it or burn with it.” Keeps life interesting I think.




Ah life. (Aka, what happens when you throw your hands up in the air and let be)

Ah life. (Aka, what happens when you throw your hands up in the air and let be)

Well, attempts to control events in my life and plan things like my future better have gone by the wayside. But, since currently nothing is on fire, I’ve got money in my pocket and my cars wheels are still rolling, I think I can breathe and just let stuff be.

Amid the craziness of looking for a better day job, planning my 10 day east coast trip with Kat the Magnificent (so far NYC and Boston are solid destinations, everything else is wonderfully up in the air, and a rental car has been reserved for added exploration!), trying to finish various art projects and also keep up with my friends and penpals, trying to find a ribbon of calm can be a frustrating endeavor. But you can find joy in the clutter and madness, and i’m finding I can ride the wave of energetic nuttiness that life brings to those who live on the edges of “normalcy” rather well, and honestly, i’m pretty happy here on the outer rings of a constellation of adventures.