Not Drowning In My Coffee Cups Yet- Providence, Texas

Purple Loft area with Books Green Slytherin Paint Knickknacks in the room My Books, in the Loft

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything on here.
And… I regret that,for a lot of reasons but mostly because… there’s been a lot going on, and without the motivation to post about it on here, I haven’t really felt like i’ve been as aware of my surroundings as I usually am. The way my hands itch for the feel of a shutter button pressing down when I catch a glimpse of something quick and beautiful or the way my thoughts rapidly compose words for how to best describe some non-sensical idea, it’s been severly lacking these past few weeks, without the motivation to put everything together into something that makes sense, like a post on here.

Of course, the blame also goes to being so utterly fucking exhausted from moving into the new house and unpacking everything, not to mention dealing with painting about 80% of it’s interior. Who thought buying a two story house was a good idea? This girl, thats who, because apparently I make the oddest life choices.

Anyways, for anyone who reads this still, and just for my own pleasure of mind, I’m well and alive, better than I was last month even, somehow. My sleeping schedule finally thunked itself into order, and 4am tumblr scrolling has become a distant memory, something I couldn’t be more grateful for, considering my insomnia is something i’ve been battling for almost a year now. I’m still picking up the pieces of all the friendships that I selfishly placed on the back burner since last November, but coming up the second half of this year, i’m not feeling my usual melancholy self and with a really odd southern-gothic music playing on repeat in my ears constantly, i’m getting….somewhere.

I don’t even know what i’m trying to say here honestly, but hey, at least I can say regularly scheduled posting is coming back and isn’t that something? ¬†And with that will come more talks about this insanely gorgeously house me and the bf bought, posts about the short roadtrip we took to Arkansas that somehow took us through a good chunk of Missouri as well and how insanely cool that whole thing was, no matter how much it freakin rained, and the usual posts about Texas and it’s hidden spots.

Also, prepare for some Vulcan-inspired mountains, my art got really weird there for a bit…

Not drowning in my coffee yet,

P.S yes, my office/artstudyroom walls ARE the colors of Slytherin house, represent yeah?

Art Journal Monday- Tiny Sad Songs and Shapes of Joy

Art Journal Page detail, Fables and coffee Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset Red Dust Journal Page, Fables and Coffee Stay with Me Art Journal Page Art Journal Monday, Page detail, fables and coffee Art Journal Page, Fables and Coffee Art Journal pages, journal monday, fables and coffee Figure Drawing Art Journal Page Swirls and Hot Air Balloons, Art Journal Page Hot Air Balloons Doodle, Art Journal Page

There are some days that I overdose on sad songs. Not because i’m feeling particularly down, or anything… there’s just a need to embrace the loveliness that can come when you listen to strains of sorrow in the syllables of a singers words, the overtures of grief in the crescendo of a much beloved refrain, the inky sweetness of penning down specific lyrics that tangle themselves into your heartstrings for just a moment. I tumble myself down a playlist of bittersweet love songs (Red Dust- James Vincent Mcmorrow) , or even just songs that tear inexplicable moments of pain in you from the sheer beauty of them (Miserere- Gregorio Allegri ) and then come back to myself with little gems of inspiration, spill out shapes of cheer on paper, and feel the precious balance of emotions in flux that art and music can create.