Hans Zimmer and Inspiration

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You know whats great for inspiration? To get you right out of the unfortunate dumps?

Hans Zimmer.

Seriously. At least for me, the best thing to do when my brains rotting from lackluster ideas and seeping slowly towards decay, that’s when I plunk myself down and blast some heavenly Zimmer tracks. That well known Pirates of the Caribbean theme song is great for engendering an “I can conquer empires!” feeling, while anything from Interstellar is fantastic for crushing your heart to dust and then reviving it towards greater emotion. Want something a little moodier but still inspiring? A track from The Dark Knight Rises would be what you’re looking for perhaps, though the Man of Steel score can capture your lungs in it’s fists and punch them towards the skies just as well. And of course, lets not forget most anything from Inception, though most especially Time, that heart-achingly beautiful triumph of the human spirit that starts like a sunrise in your veins and tears itself out as a cry from your mouth.

My most favorite tracks to dive my mind under, the tones that always bring me back to the light when things are just a little too dark and vulnerable, would be the last three songs from GladiatorElysium, Honor Him and Now We Are Free .There’s something about all three in succession that just grips me and raises me the depths of any perdition.

AC/DC, the Backstreet Boys, Eric Clapton, Beyoncé, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Crystal Fighters, M83, U2, Daft Punk, Florence + the Machine, these are some of the great artists that I find myself turning to when I need a bit of a boost to my mood, a jumpstart to my day- but when in the true dumps of things, Hans Zimmer is what I fall to so I can be shattered and remade again in better form.

Favorite tracks:

Where We’re Going- Interstellar Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
One Day- Pirates of the Caribbean: At World End
Strength and Honor- Gladiator, Music From The Motion Picture
Look To The Stars- Man Of Steel, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Rise- The Dark Knight Rises
Time- Inception (Music From The Motion Picture)
Elysium- Gladiator, Music From The Motion Picture
Mountains- Interstellar Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Not drowning in my coffee cups yet,

Mineral, Meteorite and Gems in the Museum of Natural History- Manhattan,NY

Petrified Wood in the Natural History Museum

The first floor of the Museum of Natural History is where I spent most of my visit, wandering the dimly lit and softly illuminated areas with moderated steps, pausing slowly at every display, camera set to capture everything I could with the least amount of disruption and a heart open overfilling with loveliness.

in the Museum of Natural History In the Hall of Gems These lovely things in the Museum of Natural History Look Closer- Hall of Gems Exploring in the Morgan Hall of Gems In the Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems Lovelyness in the Natural History Museum Exploring on the first floor of the Museum of Natural History

Walking through the Spitzer Hall of Human Origins to fall into the Ross Hall of Meterorites, it all started to blur together in a dizzying way into the Guggenheim Hall of Minerals and the Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems.  I wouldn’t even know these names if not for the helpful map I was given after paying the voluntary entry fee. When you’re actually there, it’s a fantastic journey of just following the pathways, circling around and back and sitting down for long moments of contemplation and just marveling at the beauty you’re sitting in the middle of.In the Hall of Minerals- Museum of Natural History These Lights, First Floor Look Closer, Hall of Minerals First floor of the Natural History Museum I Could Spend a Decade Here Minerals and other natural things Wolframite and others

There’s something very much like peace and euphoria that came over me in the time I spent in this part of the museum. Not just from the sheer beauty contained here, but also the history embedded in every particle of items displayed. The phrase, “Be humble for you are made of earth, be noble for you are made of stars ” that I see almost everyday overused on my tumblr dashboard has honestly never felt more relevant than when I was here.A Study in Minerals Lets Study Gems and Minerals yes? These are inspirations Number 14 a shock of green Bury me here, just a little Guggenheim of Minerals Standout GreyScale in the hall of Minerals Details in the Natural History Museum

Too much? At least I didn’t post my notebook pages filled with notes, notes and more notes. I really can’t wait to go back,  it surreal how much I enjoyed the time I spent here, truly.