Mendocino You Were Lovely

Mendocino was the stop between Ft. Bragg and Bodega Bay, and there’s not a lot of words I could sputter out that could accurately capture the charms of this small coastal town. It was well and truly a lovely, fantastic place and getting to enjoy a strong cup of coffee there while walking around the gently curving streets down towards the sound of waves, I have only the best memories for the short few hours I spent here.


In a little heaven of books -Mendocino, CA

I adore the written words, in most all it’s forms, and I don’t mind much if i’m reading something on a tablet or if it’s in my hands, heavy with unexplored pages. ┬áThat being said though, I get kinda nutty when I find a good bookstore, like…..I will literally spend hours in said bookstore, secretly take photos, ┬ápile books into my arms like the world is about to end and books will become the new currency ( would that be wonderful or terrifying?) and chat up anyone working there. While I was in California on a recent trip, on the second day of my mini roadtrip, I passed through Mendocino, and after spending a bit wandering the lovely streets and admiring the calm and breathtaking ocean views, I spotted this amazing and downright fantastic place, Gallery Bookshop.







Just, insanely wonderful yeah? I need to go back soon, though I don’t know if I could leave a second time without emptying my savings, as they have an incredible selection of all kinds of books in every genre as well as a lovely selection of journals, cards and other bookish accessories and not to mentioned the best store mascot ever, a cat that I was introduced to as being named the”The Great Catsby.” Seriously, love this place.