Fantastic Pizza and the Bluest Ocean- Gloucester, MA

Coastline views in Gloucester I’ve finally gotten around to editing and going through my photos of the rest of the May trip I took with my (fantastic super awesome) friend Kat, or at least the ones taken after we left New York, headed towards Boston and after that, everywhere. (Really, our trip took us through Maine- New Hampshire- Vermont- Connecticut – Rhode Island and back to Boston for the final 2 days )Good God, Sally We made it into Boston early in the morning after leaving on a bus from Port Authority, and headed into the center of Boston to pick up the rental car, which…. ended up being MUCH different than what we were expecting. I don’t know if things are just wildly different in Massachusetts where a Ford Mustang is considered a regular kind of car, but as someone who has never driven that kind of beauty before, you can be assured it made the next 5 days a very interesting experience…. especially considering all the out of the way spots we visited, not to mention taking this beast up into the mountains. But thats for later! Poseidons Pizza Poseidons Pizza in Gloucester MA Poseidons Pizza Pepperoni and Mushroom pizza in Gloucester Close up Our first stop after leaving Boston (can I just say, what the fudge, seriously….even when trying to leave Boston the traffic was just insanity. As much as I adore Boston….no. Just no.)  was somewhere that looked interesting when viewed on the map, Gloucester. Situated in the north part of the Massachusetts coastline, it was the perfect stop before diving into the 2 hour drive to our stay for the night, Belfast Maine. The first thing we did after parking in Stage Fort Park, near their visitors center, was go find food. And while I can’t say we looked far and wide for places to eat at, I will say that stumbling into a pizza place called Poseidon’s, from it’s chill atmosphere, down to earth service and freakin’ amazing food, it was perfection. After that me and Kat enjoyed a walk along the coast back towards the park, marveling at the incredible blue skies.Gloucester MA ocean views a lovely time in Massachusetts In Goucester MA quiet town, Gloucester Coastline views in Gloucester

Back at Stage Fort park we peeked in at the visitors center (which was unfortunately already closed, ah well ) and just enjoyed the smell of ocean with the feel of warm sun on our skins.  Stage Fort Park in MA City of Gloucester Visitors Center Exploring in Gloucester MADefinitely a great place to stop for rest, food and coffee (we ended up at a Dunkin Donuts….which would kinda prove a trend for the rest of the trip actually) and it was the perfect jumping off point for the rest off our days on the road.


Your Architecture Seduced me For Life- Boston, MA

Boston was the first city I fell in love with, the place that instilled in me a love for architecture that I couldn’t say had really been there before.20140212-153725.jpg 20140212-153740.jpg 20140212-153759.jpg

I visited it for half a day, just a blip of a trip, but something about the chill in the air, the communal atmosphere in the food markets(so unlike the usual detachment I had experienced in NYC), sitting next to utterly polite strangers from start to end of the trip, not to mention the almost overwhelming beauty of Boston streets….it hooked itself into my heart and hasn’t let go since.

20140212-153715.jpg 20140212-153707.jpg 20140212-153816.jpg

The shifting lights throughout the day, filtered through the buildings, old and new architecture stretching my eyes to the heavens, the calm of the harbor keeping things at a steady pace. Everything about it was almost magical for the person I was at the time, barely much of a traveler and so new at enjoying an unknown city.

20140212-153700.jpg20140212-153733.jpg20140212-153807.jpg20140212-153825.jpg20140212-153838.jpg20140212-153854.jpg20140212-153900.jpg20140212-153831.jpg20140212-153847.jpgEven now, when i’ve got notches in my heart that correspond with places like Boulder, Sausalito, Santa Fe among others, Boston is still the one etched deepest, and I hope that one day soon I’ll get to go back and fall in love with it more deeply, with the maturity of a more seasoned lover than my previous schoolgirl-like crush.