Mail from the Road- US 160

Colorado mountains from on the Road feet up on the dashboard, us 160Sometimes things combine beautifully to create an atmosphere of fantastic inspiration. Early morning sunrise, driving back home from a fantastic (if short) trip, feet propped up on the dashboard and a smooth road with mountains on all sides and a clear horizon in the distance. This would be the perfect time to catch up on letters, explore words on paper, expound on the virtues of mountains and their rugged perfections.

US 160, snailmailing on the road US 160, Photos from on the road Writing on the road US160 US 160, sketching on the road

I’m polishing up everything now that i’m home, making envelopes and slipping souvenirs inside, but the initial inspiration from on the road, I’m hoping that shines through like a ray of sun from behind towering mountains.


And We Went up into the Woods- Moose Point State Park, Maine

Look out, there. MaineAfter running around exploring the rocky coastline of Maine’s Moose Point State Park me and Kat headed down one of the trails leading into the woods. The smell of ocean and seaweed faded into the crispness of forest and damp leaves, our muffled footsteps taking us further into the quiet.

Moose Point State ParkThese Maine Trees
A little Maine ForestThe trees here smell like heaven Maine Woods

There were signs of people here, a white picket fence, a bench positioned towards trees, but in the time we spent there, we didn’t see a single person or hear anything besides the chirping of birds and the patter of raindrops on leaves.A fence here, Maine the red moss here Tree Branches at home Kat Climbs a Tree, in A dress no less Big Spruce Trail, Maine An overlook, and Kat

The green here was brilliant, illuminated against the shadows like sign posts to come closer, explore further. And we did. Kat made to climb trees even while in a dress and I ran behind her, my camera bumping against my hip, trying to capture the moments of being there, while enjoying the feeling of wild freedom, no responsibilities and clean air in our lungs. Its simple here A carpet of green Moss and dark Moose Trail Kat touches the green

Even though just a few hours later we would be in the mountains of New Hampshire, daring mortality with our escapades on slippery rocks down fast rivers, the quiet and calm in these Maine woods would remain a favorite memory for that day.


Here, At the Edge of the Ocean- Moose Point State Park, Maine

Marsh and red moss After departing from the quiet of Seasport me and Kat were headed on our way towards the main center of Belfast, when we saw a sign for a place called Moose Point State Park and with just a quick look at each other we decided hey, lets check it out. The parking area was deserted when we pulled in, and we were almost giddy with the idea of having this whole area to ourselves, to run around like children, slipping on rocks, muddying our hands, and breathing in the salty area like it was a cure to everything.Take the steps down to the oceanMaine Palette Shades of Green in MaineKat and the RocksThese little pockets of color Give me Shades of Silence and GreenMaine Rocky CoastlineKat up the StairsWe explored the coastline first, before venturing into the trails that lead into the dark of the woods.  And while the special quiet and darkness of the woods was a beauty of it’s own kind,the coastline, with it’s slightly treacherous rocky ground and it’s patient gentle waves, it’s what I keep coming back to as one of my favorite parts of Maine.

I like your kind of quiet, Maine A momument to silence right now Marsh and red moss Kat and the Maine coastlinerocky shoresIt was a unique and hard gorgeousness that existed that morning underneath the grey clouds. Colors stood in stark contrast and yet somehow still in harmony with the land and sky. I can imagine that summertime here would be an example in sunny beach beauty, but I cherished the almost grim weather we experienced in solitude here.