Old Maverick Road, Santa Elena Canyon- Big Bend Natl. Park

maverick road, big bend plant life
towards santa elena canyon
Old Maverick rd, Big Bend Natl. Rd

plant life, big bend natl. park
Old Maverick road
Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend National Park

As always, the full comprehensive post of how we got here, what exactly we did and the best places to see – that will all be saved for the last post when I finally sit myself down to comprehensively write it all out in a way that makes sense. (right now i’m tempted to just snap a pic of the whole map, circle it and write in big red marker “visit all of it!”)

For now, have a look at the sights to see down on Old Maverick Road, as we made our way towards Santa Elena Canyon. The desert is colorful and sparkling bright so much so that my eyes watered and it had nothing to do with the incredible heat.