The Magnificent Rocks- Garden of the Gods, CO

I first heard of this park from the bf about 4 years ago, during our my first ever roadtrip. We were driving up from Santa Fe to Loveland, CO where his parents lived and on the way up we passed Colorado Springs and I remember his wistful expression as we passed by, the night well and truly upon us and no chance to stop by. We made our way back to Colorado the next year, for a long weekend spent in the San Juan Mountains and again we couldn’t make time to visit. This time though, once and for all, we got our chance to stop on by.

It wasn’t the best timing, since we squeezed it in the drive from Denver to South Fork and we didn’t arrive until almost noon (never go anywhere semi-popular at noon, even if it’s a weekday) but we made the most of it. I’ve been to some beautiful parks and seen more than my fair share of wonderful rock formations but Garden of the Gods was definetly worth a visit and I actually really regretted not arriving earlier to get a chance to explore the park more. There’s plenty of trails to choose from, and I think pretty much all of them link or loop into each other, so I would say it’s a park I would allot a couple of hours to if you have them to spare. We didn’t though, and after a short hike through one or two of the trails (don’t laugh but I honestly couldn’t tell you which one we started at and where we ended up going after it branched off twice)  we made it back to the parking lot to find it overflowing with cars and pink faced adults applying sunscreen. The bf had his own pink cheeks to contend with and so we headed out, stopping by the trading post to buy some fudge and souvenirs (of course), ending our time in Colorado Springs with some tacos from Qdoba before heading back onto the road towards the San Juan Mountains.