Boston, MA- The Comprehensive Photo Journal of a Norwegian and Texan

Boston City streets, architectureAt 40 Berkely
Boston Streets from my window
Our travelers beds in Boston
Metropolis Cafe, Boston MA
A fancy fine dinner
Empty streets, still alive- Boston, MA
Waking up, Kat and white light
City Streets, architecture in Boston, MAAll the tourist just like us

treats and more at the market
Best coffee, a lovely person
Inside heaven
These old streets, Boston
Lovely architecture in Boston, MA
By the docks- Boston, MA
Over the green

Kat Smiles in Boston
Loved Gucci
Last day, mismatched socks

( dear gods finally, this is the LAST post ever concerning the travel adventures that were had by me and my good friend Kat back at the end of May. I’ve loved going through all the photos I took, recounting every single adventure and ill-advised spur of the moment jaunt through nowhere but… considering how long it’s taken me to get it all out here, i’m sorta-kinda-really glad it’s done now. I have a backlog of photos from my trip to Colorado, not to mention all the photos i’ve been taking from the weekend wanderings i’ve been doing to forgotten towns here in North Texas, to share and while I don’t like “live blogging”, I do like the idea of posting my photographic journal-adventure-things at least somewhat near the time that they happen. Do you know, I still have photos from the trip I took back in January to San Francisco that I’ve yet to share? Aha, i’m fairly ridiculous. Anyways, for anyone that might be at all interested, i’ve posted links to all the posts from this adventure in order at the end, and good heavens thats a lot of links. )

We were tired and worn out by the time we hit Boston’s city limits. There’s a world weariness that settles into a travelers limbs after drinking too much coffee, crossing way too many state lines and running through your music playlists till your at the point where you contemplate turning on the radio. Heading into Boston from Rhode Island was just…dear gods, just a pain. Actually, strike that, a pain would have been welcome compared to the unmitigated nightmare that was trying to navigate the highway and city roads just to try and get our rental car back in one piece near abouts the designated time. But all traveling has its ups and downs, and traffic is nothing to bring the mood down over. We managed to make it to the rental agency near around the time we were supposed to, eventually got a cab to pick us up and take us to our hostel, and once there, we collapsed on the beds for a good few.

Later, we got our stuff together enough to head out for dinner, and somehow ended up seated at a place that had dim lighting, soft music and elegant diners as far as the eye could see. Metropolis Cafe, not exactly our usual kind of place in even the slightest, but I remember looking at Kat and saying something like “Just go with it” and so thats how I ended up drinking my first glass of wine, eating something I can’t remember but can say was utterly delicious, and both of us ordering dessert because at that point there was just nothing else to do but go all in. We wandered the dark city streets afterwards, everything empty but still alive in the best way, getting lost on our way back but eventually making it in one piece and falling asleep to thoughts of finding a bar maybe the next day for a good drink .

The next day was a blur of crowded city streets, not enough coffee and then too much coffee, touristy hot spots, souvenir shopping (i needed postcards for my penpals and Kat needed a fridge magnet in the shape of the state to add to her collection from the rest of the states we had been in) and then just plain shopping as we found ourselves in a comic shop that had an overabundance of nerdy things to covet and dream of stuffing into our already to bursting luggage. This wasn’t my first time in Boston, but it was my first time there with a friend, and that made it all kinds of interesting. Food was had, and Kat ordered me a  white russian, being the ex-bartender that she is who was (Ahem, IS ) determined to find something I’d like enough to get drunk on. Eventually we found ourselves sitting on benches at a park near the harbor (it might have been the Christopher Columbus Waterfront park, I think ) and we people watched there for what felt like ages, breathing in that unique feeling of rushing-nonestop-timelessness you can only find in Boston.

The next morning, when we packed everything up to set off to our respective destinations  (Logan International for me, South Station Bus Terminal for her ), the only clean socks I had left didn’t match, and I remember shrugging, putting on my “Always Be Yourself, Unless you can be Batman, Then Always Be Batman” shirt, my only semi-clean pair of jeans and thinking… whatever, fuck it.

Boston just kinda brings out that kind of attitude in you, first and always.


( The first 1-3 days, spent in NYC )

The First Meeting, AKA Newark Aiport
St. Patricks Cathedral
First day in NYC, Central Park and Books
Central Park Loveliness
Towards Bethesda Fountain
The Alice In Wonderland Statue in Central Park
Battery Park Views and South Manhattan, Financial District
South Street Seasport, Manhattan
Brooklyn Bridge, I adore you
Grand Central Terminal
Museum of Natural History, Pt1.
Obsessing over Minerals, Meterorites and Gems in the Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum, Pt. 2
NYC, Outtakes and Random Advice

(Day 3-4 spent headed through Massachusetts towards Maine, then in Maine )

Gloucester, MA
Bits of Advice when On A Roadtrip
Moose Point State Part, at the Oceans Edge
Into the Woods of Moose Point State Park
Belfast, Maine
Augusta, Maine
Across the River, Reflections on Traveling

(Days 4-6 Spent in New Hampshire )
Wandering the rivers Bedrock in Converse
Around the Muddy Bend, In White Mountains Natl.Forest
Rocky Gorge, New Hampshire
Heading up to the falls, adventures in the New Hampshire woods
Champey Falls and exploring up in the Woods
The New Hampshire Story

( Day 6 spent in Vermont )
Vermont was Lovely

(Day 6-7 spent in Connecticut )
Dinosaur State Park
A Castle In Connecticut

(Day 7-8 Spent in Rhode Island )
A Beachwalk in the Storm
The Rhode Island Tale

And yup, this is the last post when it comes to that whole adventure. Just reading through this whole thing tires me out a little, seriously. Not that I wouldn’t do it all again tomorrow of course. Sanity, thy name is not M.

Why are the Coffee Cups So Small?- The Rhode Island Tale

Slices, who needs slices?Starwar games in Newportthe whole pie, Newport RIIn Newport, we Sleep
Ms fables and coffee (red hair back then)
Houses all in a row, Newport RITiny, tiny coffee cupsFish and chips in Rhode Island
Lovely Walls in Newport RI
The Cliffwalk, Newport RI
Lets sit for a bit, Rhode Island
Cliffwalk, Newport, RI
The Breakers
Newport Streets, rain and more rain

The nicest starbucks we visited

The story, when it comes to Rhode Island, could be summed up in two words. Rain being the first, and coffee being the last.  We drove into Rhode Island with grey clouds hanging low, crossing state lines with no fanfare, something wicked playing on the radio and coffee buzzing in our veins. Our slightly-not-too shady motel was at least a step up from what Kat would forever after fondly call the “hookerville” hotel we had come across in our venture in Connecticut and there was a tiny local pizza joint down the road called Kingston Pizza that was just short of magnificent but landed squarely on down-right-amazing. We ate sprawled out on our beds, greasy napkins littering the floor, our limbs a little too exhausted for exploration. I remember we watched the sky get stained a brilliant color as the sun set and hoping against hope that it wouldn’t rain the next day.

( we woke up to a steady drizzle )

The photos I posted earlier of the stormy beach  scene area were taken there in Newport, just before the rain began to truly pour down. We parked at the beach because there was absolutely no parking anywhere near the city center and we wandered back up into town mumbling like zombies, searching desperately for the smell of coffee. We almost stopped at Dunkin Donuts because we had very literally gotten coffee at Dunkin Donuts in pretty much every single state we had been in and it was almost instinct at that point, but decided against it because….actually I can’t remember why we decided against it but instead we ended up at a place called Annie’s instead. Lovely little cafe restaurant, no bad words against it except…. they literally had the smallest coffee cups I have ever seen, to the point where I wanted to ask our waitress if we could perhaps just get bowls instead, because dear gods my dear, this is not nearly a big enough container. But instead of appearing like a raging coffee monster, I sipped my coffee politely, left a good tip and then went off to explore the surrounding streets a little before it really started raining.

Our true caffeine quota was eventually met when me and Kat ended up huddled in the most gorgeous of all Starbucks just before we left Newport to set off for Boston, dripping cold water onto the hardwood floors while watching the rain get heavier and heavier. We had a drive to make though, as much as we would have wanted to stay, and I remember that when we stood up to make our way back to our car a stranger sitting at a nearby table said “You sure you want to go out there?” and we both shrugged and laughed, because it’s not like we could have stayed in Newport forever. Tiny little streets, narrow alleyways that should not be called streets, houses scrunched up against each other, a greyscale rainbow splashed out across the harbor. Newport was lovely, even in the torrential rain.


Fantastic Pizza and the Bluest Ocean- Gloucester, MA

Coastline views in Gloucester I’ve finally gotten around to editing and going through my photos of the rest of the May trip I took with my (fantastic super awesome) friend Kat, or at least the ones taken after we left New York, headed towards Boston and after that, everywhere. (Really, our trip took us through Maine- New Hampshire- Vermont- Connecticut – Rhode Island and back to Boston for the final 2 days )Good God, Sally We made it into Boston early in the morning after leaving on a bus from Port Authority, and headed into the center of Boston to pick up the rental car, which…. ended up being MUCH different than what we were expecting. I don’t know if things are just wildly different in Massachusetts where a Ford Mustang is considered a regular kind of car, but as someone who has never driven that kind of beauty before, you can be assured it made the next 5 days a very interesting experience…. especially considering all the out of the way spots we visited, not to mention taking this beast up into the mountains. But thats for later! Poseidons Pizza Poseidons Pizza in Gloucester MA Poseidons Pizza Pepperoni and Mushroom pizza in Gloucester Close up Our first stop after leaving Boston (can I just say, what the fudge, seriously….even when trying to leave Boston the traffic was just insanity. As much as I adore Boston….no. Just no.)  was somewhere that looked interesting when viewed on the map, Gloucester. Situated in the north part of the Massachusetts coastline, it was the perfect stop before diving into the 2 hour drive to our stay for the night, Belfast Maine. The first thing we did after parking in Stage Fort Park, near their visitors center, was go find food. And while I can’t say we looked far and wide for places to eat at, I will say that stumbling into a pizza place called Poseidon’s, from it’s chill atmosphere, down to earth service and freakin’ amazing food, it was perfection. After that me and Kat enjoyed a walk along the coast back towards the park, marveling at the incredible blue skies.Gloucester MA ocean views a lovely time in Massachusetts In Goucester MA quiet town, Gloucester Coastline views in Gloucester

Back at Stage Fort park we peeked in at the visitors center (which was unfortunately already closed, ah well ) and just enjoyed the smell of ocean with the feel of warm sun on our skins.  Stage Fort Park in MA City of Gloucester Visitors Center Exploring in Gloucester MADefinitely a great place to stop for rest, food and coffee (we ended up at a Dunkin Donuts….which would kinda prove a trend for the rest of the trip actually) and it was the perfect jumping off point for the rest off our days on the road.


At the Piers- SF, California

When I used to live in California I was about an hours drive outside of San Francisco, in a sleepy little suburb that could only be accessed by side roads, one of which was always continuously blocked by tractors and/or curious wandering cows.  To say San Francisco was an escape would be putting it mildly, especially for a girl who was raised in New York City’s never dying lights and had the matching attitude. But as much as I loved the hustle and clamor of being in the city itself, as much as I could adore the uniqueness of the city’s own brand of architecture and beauty, my favorite place was always the piers.

20140122-161355.jpg20140122-161404.jpg20140122-161429.jpgNevermind the endless stream of tourists, or the wickedly overpriced food, or god, even the insanely suicidal pigeons and outright thuggish seagulls who would harass you for just a  teensy bite of that aforementioned expensive  food, it all couldn’t lessen my love for the creaking of wooden planks under my feet, the smell of ocean mixed with sweet candy-ice cream- donuts and yumtastic things galore. I started going at first with my mom, when she would have a Saturday off from work (or a memorable time when she let me skip school on a week day) and even though at home it was the kind of battlefield that burns scars for life, we would leave it all behind for a couple of hours, a day spent in truce. Later we started bringing my best friend Watson along, and at the piers we could sit or wander for hours, people watching, munching on fish and chips for lunch.It was where I learned to observe life, to enjoy the tide of strangers rushing past and just enjoy the experience of being surrounded by life. We would talk about life, plans for the future, little things that didn’t matter or things that did, and there we were closer than mother-daughter-friend.20140122-161440.jpg20140122-161415.jpg20140122-161448.jpg20140122-161456.jpg20140122-161503.jpg20140122-161511.jpg

Going back on this recent trip with Watson, it was like stepping into shoes I hadn’t worn in years, finding the grooves unfamiliar, but eventually comforting. Stepping away from the main centers to find the quiet benches by the docks, sipping on cool drinks in the setting sun while popping little sugary donuts into our mouth, it was the kind of bittersweet memory that sounds so cliche in the retelling but in the moment itself could not be more present and genuine , a digging into lovely old memories and little wounds.