Badwater Basin- Death Valley National Park, California

After leaving Dante’s View and venturing down to Badwater Basin, I was inclined to think my whole trip to this park could be easily summed up as “unexpectedly weird”. ¬†I’ve already mentioned how Death Valley was oddly whimsical in nature, given the names of some of the locations, but I probably should also have remembered this is still So-Cal, and So-Cal folks are nothing if not a weirdly awesome bunch.

We spotted at least two photographers shooting with their models using the basin as their backdrop, both models wearing flowing colorful scarfs that fluttered gently in the hot breeze. Also spotted were about a dozen interestingly dressed couples or dapperly attired dudes sporting selfie sticks to full take advantage of the epic location.

And what an epic location it was- not only did the temperature get slightly scorching and reflect heat back up off the white landscape but the sapphire colored sky above made everything feel more than a little surreal, in a really fantastic way. I would definitely recommend visiting earlier in the day, by the time we got here around 10am the temps were about 85F/29C and climbing, so definitely bring water and sunscreen, especially if you plan to walk out onto the basin. Sunglasses and hats are also highly recommended. It’s a very super popular location and tour buses arrive almost even 20 minuets so keep that in mind as well if you’ve a mind to visit, especially if you expect a bit more desolation and a bit less¬†Coachella.

Basically, just stay chill in all ways possible and enjoy the experience of being at the lowest point in North America.


That Southern Gothic Feel- Trees In The Water

Far From Any Road, fablesandcoffee Texas
the colors of the dead trees fablesandcoffee, texas photography
Rowlett photography

Tree in the marshes

Trees in the Water, fablesandcoffee
Texas landscape photography, fablesandcoffee
Ducks in the lack, Rowlett
dead in the water, texas

Where does it come from, this longing I have to dip and tiptoe through drowned marshes under highway overpasses?
You could blame it on the imagery used so lusciously throughout the first season of True Detective. If you wanted to take it further back, you could go and pin it on fine-art photographer Richard Misrach. Or simple blame me and my continuous binging of southern-gothic flavored music, that instinct to listen to Johnny Cash while driving dusty Texas roads, trailer parks and abandoned cowboy towns littering the landscape.

Either way it ends with me digging my hands into the dry, cracked cement of an unused bridge to pull myself up onto it, so I can get a better view across. It ends with me breathing in the singular scent of earthy green and marshy water and listening to the sound of my feet squishing into none-too solid ground the cars in the near distance almost a world away.

It’s beautiful out here.

to help get you into that feel,

Outtakes from Almost Forgotten Project- Northern Texas

Tioga, Texas

Tioga Fire Department

Van Alstyne, Texas

Van Alstyne Stormy Streets

Funky Monkey, Sherman

Outside Rockwall, Courthouse

Lets Fall, Sherman Texas

Sometimes you go out to explore, take photographs and document…and then come back home and realize there’s a few photos that just don’t…fit. No matter how you shuffle the order, they’re always going to stick out like sore thumbs, so you stick them in an unused folder and forget about them until you’re editing another batch and you find more that doesn’t fit. And then you end up with an album full of photos you really like, but won’t fit anywhere, so you put them all together and hope against hope they make some kind of sense.

These are from my “Almost Forgotten” project, where i’ve been exploring and photographing some small towns and forgotten areas here in Northern Texas. I usually pick the towns randomly, either by driving through them on the way to somewhere else, or by just pointing a finger at a map and saying, “here, lets go here.” The next couple of sets that i’ll be posting though, they’re actually places I set out to explore and document, place I didn’t so much stumble upon as I drove there with full intent to discover.

Summers coming to Texas, and with that, the hell’s armpit kind of heat that tends to almost burn roads to molten lava and boil sweat on the skin, so i’m not sure exactly how much exploring i’ll still be doing then, but for now i’ll take advantage of the cool weather to get out there and explore these places you never see on brochures but are nevertheless interesting in their own ways.