Boston, MA- The Comprehensive Photo Journal of a Norwegian and Texan

Boston City streets, architectureAt 40 Berkely
Boston Streets from my window
Our travelers beds in Boston
Metropolis Cafe, Boston MA
A fancy fine dinner
Empty streets, still alive- Boston, MA
Waking up, Kat and white light
City Streets, architecture in Boston, MAAll the tourist just like us

treats and more at the market
Best coffee, a lovely person
Inside heaven
These old streets, Boston
Lovely architecture in Boston, MA
By the docks- Boston, MA
Over the green

Kat Smiles in Boston
Loved Gucci
Last day, mismatched socks

( dear gods finally, this is the LAST post ever concerning the travel adventures that were had by me and my good friend Kat back at the end of May. I’ve loved going through all the photos I took, recounting every single adventure and ill-advised spur of the moment jaunt through nowhere but… considering how long it’s taken me to get it all out here, i’m sorta-kinda-really glad it’s done now. I have a backlog of photos from my trip to Colorado, not to mention all the photos i’ve been taking from the weekend wanderings i’ve been doing to forgotten towns here in North Texas, to share and while I don’t like “live blogging”, I do like the idea of posting my photographic journal-adventure-things at least somewhat near the time that they happen. Do you know, I still have photos from the trip I took back in January to San Francisco that I’ve yet to share? Aha, i’m fairly ridiculous. Anyways, for anyone that might be at all interested, i’ve posted links to all the posts from this adventure in order at the end, and good heavens thats a lot of links. )

We were tired and worn out by the time we hit Boston’s city limits. There’s a world weariness that settles into a travelers limbs after drinking too much coffee, crossing way too many state lines and running through your music playlists till your at the point where you contemplate turning on the radio. Heading into Boston from Rhode Island was just…dear gods, just a pain. Actually, strike that, a pain would have been welcome compared to the unmitigated nightmare that was trying to navigate the highway and city roads just to try and get our rental car back in one piece near abouts the designated time. But all traveling has its ups and downs, and traffic is nothing to bring the mood down over. We managed to make it to the rental agency near around the time we were supposed to, eventually got a cab to pick us up and take us to our hostel, and once there, we collapsed on the beds for a good few.

Later, we got our stuff together enough to head out for dinner, and somehow ended up seated at a place that had dim lighting, soft music and elegant diners as far as the eye could see. Metropolis Cafe, not exactly our usual kind of place in even the slightest, but I remember looking at Kat and saying something like “Just go with it” and so thats how I ended up drinking my first glass of wine, eating something I can’t remember but can say was utterly delicious, and both of us ordering dessert because at that point there was just nothing else to do but go all in. We wandered the dark city streets afterwards, everything empty but still alive in the best way, getting lost on our way back but eventually making it in one piece and falling asleep to thoughts of finding a bar maybe the next day for a good drink .

The next day was a blur of crowded city streets, not enough coffee and then too much coffee, touristy hot spots, souvenir shopping (i needed postcards for my penpals and Kat needed a fridge magnet in the shape of the state to add to her collection from the rest of the states we had been in) and then just plain shopping as we found ourselves in a comic shop that had an overabundance of nerdy things to covet and dream of stuffing into our already to bursting luggage. This wasn’t my first time in Boston, but it was my first time there with a friend, and that made it all kinds of interesting. Food was had, and Kat ordered me a  white russian, being the ex-bartender that she is who was (Ahem, IS ) determined to find something I’d like enough to get drunk on. Eventually we found ourselves sitting on benches at a park near the harbor (it might have been the Christopher Columbus Waterfront park, I think ) and we people watched there for what felt like ages, breathing in that unique feeling of rushing-nonestop-timelessness you can only find in Boston.

The next morning, when we packed everything up to set off to our respective destinations  (Logan International for me, South Station Bus Terminal for her ), the only clean socks I had left didn’t match, and I remember shrugging, putting on my “Always Be Yourself, Unless you can be Batman, Then Always Be Batman” shirt, my only semi-clean pair of jeans and thinking… whatever, fuck it.

Boston just kinda brings out that kind of attitude in you, first and always.


( The first 1-3 days, spent in NYC )

The First Meeting, AKA Newark Aiport
St. Patricks Cathedral
First day in NYC, Central Park and Books
Central Park Loveliness
Towards Bethesda Fountain
The Alice In Wonderland Statue in Central Park
Battery Park Views and South Manhattan, Financial District
South Street Seasport, Manhattan
Brooklyn Bridge, I adore you
Grand Central Terminal
Museum of Natural History, Pt1.
Obsessing over Minerals, Meterorites and Gems in the Natural History Museum
The Natural History Museum, Pt. 2
NYC, Outtakes and Random Advice

(Day 3-4 spent headed through Massachusetts towards Maine, then in Maine )

Gloucester, MA
Bits of Advice when On A Roadtrip
Moose Point State Part, at the Oceans Edge
Into the Woods of Moose Point State Park
Belfast, Maine
Augusta, Maine
Across the River, Reflections on Traveling

(Days 4-6 Spent in New Hampshire )
Wandering the rivers Bedrock in Converse
Around the Muddy Bend, In White Mountains Natl.Forest
Rocky Gorge, New Hampshire
Heading up to the falls, adventures in the New Hampshire woods
Champey Falls and exploring up in the Woods
The New Hampshire Story

( Day 6 spent in Vermont )
Vermont was Lovely

(Day 6-7 spent in Connecticut )
Dinosaur State Park
A Castle In Connecticut

(Day 7-8 Spent in Rhode Island )
A Beachwalk in the Storm
The Rhode Island Tale

And yup, this is the last post when it comes to that whole adventure. Just reading through this whole thing tires me out a little, seriously. Not that I wouldn’t do it all again tomorrow of course. Sanity, thy name is not M.

Dinosaurs, A Walk in the Green- Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Green Connecticut
Small wildlife in Connecticut
Dinosaur State Park, CT

Kat in the green

A small jungle, CT
Lovely tree, CT
Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset
Dinosaur State Park, CT
Dinosaur state park diorama
Display in Dinosaur State park
Tracks in the stone
Dinosaur state park, ct

( A photo journal following the late told adventures I had with my good friend Kat at the end of May. I’m really terrible at this procrastination thing. Or, really REALLy good at it, depending on how you see it. )

After departing from the mild, slightly surreal horror that was Hartford and New Haven (more on that later…maybe….) me and Kat headed in the direction of Connecticut’s Dinosaur State Park , because well. If it has any kind of mention of dinosaurs, you can bet we were going to go.

It was mostly quiet and deserted except for park employes, which worked out well for me and Kat, given the kind of dorks we can be. We explored inside first, taking in the dioramas and tracing the steps of dinosaurs in the floor and on the walls. Exiting through the giftshop, after buying postcards and not-quite matching tshirts, we moved into the green expanse outside and let mosquitos make meals out of us for a bit. It was slightly muggy, the ground was squishy, we had forgotten to put sunblock on and basically… it was pretty fantastic.


The Vermont Escapade- A Photo Journal (So Much Coffee, Good God )

Vermont Highways Rivendell Books, heck yes! Montpelier VTInside Rivendell Books, Montpelier VTRawr, Books Coffee Corner, Montpelier VTThe burgers, best burger of the whole trip, VTCoffee Corner, Montpelier, VTDiner food, roadtrip fare, photographyBook stores in Montpelier, VTMontpelier, VTSouvenirs, good god yes!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetGas Stations here are lovely no? Vermont

We left New Hampshire with a deep longing to be back, soon. We almost thought about staying an extra day, and then another one after that but considering we had already extended our stay there, we braced our hearts and moved on in the direction of Montpelier, VT. We jumped on a highway and then an hour later were subtly dumped off it, onto a byway that wound through lovely green hills, gentle curves and bumps leading us deeper into the state.

Little towns here and there, me and Kat wondering if our GPS had yet again led us astray, a forever deep longing for more coffee. And then, just as we were starting to loose hope, we started seeing signs for Montpelier, the road dipped down into a valley and all of a sudden, a turn here a turn there, we were parking and getting out onto streets that wouldn’t have been out of place on a movie set. Our first stop was a book store because, well. It was called Rivendell books, and even though our luggage was already to bursting with stuff and souvenirs, it’s not like either one of us has a will of iron. A most excellent cheeseburger at Coffee Corner was the cherry on top of this Vermont milkshake (and wow that’s a really odd  and slightly gross sentence isn’t it?). And you know what, even the gas station we stopped at before entering the utterly confusing realm of Connecticut was lovely.

So, I can tell you, Vermont was just as beautiful as i’ve heard and then some. And then a bucket more on top of that some. I would have loved to spend a whole month there, bump along the seemingly always under construction roads, green mountains and valleys along every turn of the highway, and coffee fueling me past the time when I should have caught some shut eye. The state made me want to buy books, dress in my sunday best and smile at strangers on the street. It was the embodiment of loveliness, as close to “quaint” as you can get while still being utterly majestic in its own way.



Across the River, A Fort- A Brief Reflection on Traveling

Old Fort Western

Old Fort Western, Augusta Maine I have this thing (which I believe that most travelers share) of not being able to visit a new place without imagining, even for a moment, what it would be like to live there. To imagine your everyday routines in a different location, the mundane becoming new and the reevaluation of life through the lens of exploration. Where would you drink your coffee at, would that corner store stock your particular brand of cereal? Would you and the grocer share idle small talk about the weather?

Maine PhotographyIt doesn’t have to be a particularly noteworthy location to inspire these thoughts, somewhere shiny, glamorous and filled to bursting with things to explore and discover, a metropolis lit ablaze. Nor does it have to be remote and quiet, the remote and rustic cabin in the mountains, where you could imagine dusting away the twilight years surrounded by books and nature. It could be either or both, the same or a fair stance in between.

Augusta, Maine photography

Old Fort Western Augusta Maine River photography Anywhere i’ve ever traveling to, from gridlocked Boston to weird New Jersey, the blasting wind fields of Kansas to the  rugged twisting coastline of California,  boisterous Boulder and cool-kid-aestetic Santa Fe, to all the little place far and in-between, population 300 to population no idea there are millions here, I’ve placed myself deep in the soil and planted roots, just for a moment.

Augusta Maine, across the banks

Augusta Maine Landscape Riverfront photography

Sure, I have favorites. Who can visit Sausalito without falling in love a little.Who doesn’t wish to spend months on end in Manhattans endless museums? But theres the outliers, the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee  a whirlwind neon madness let loose at the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. Maybe you only spend half an hour there, a flash frozen memory in between giants that take up the real space in your head and heart, like the morning I spent in Grants Pass that I always seem to forget about except when prompted…


This Fort

Augusta Maine, Waterfront Buildings

Kat, the Lovely Kat

It doesn’t much matter the place I guess. It’s more about the mindset you have when you’re traveling, even if it’s just half a half hour from home. Arriving somewhere new, with an open,kind mind and letting yourself slip into the illusion of belonging to this place. It could be the longing to belong in what might perhaps be the perfect place to call home, or it might just be a passing whimsy, but either way it’s a lovely moment to pause and consider a different future, or to more fully appreciate where you already call home.


P.S these photographs where taken in Augusta, Maine. I talked more about the time I spent there in this post.

Wandering the Bedrock in Converse- New Hampshire Adventures

River Exploring in New Hampshire

These photos are from me and my good friend Kats 2 week adventure back at the end of May. We started with 3 days in NYC after which we took a bus up to Boston where we rented a bitchin’ Mustang we nicknamed Sally for a 5 days roadtrip.  We ended up exploring in Maine , and while I still have a couple of photos to edit and post from the Maine part of the journey, I  wanted to go through these first, just to remember…

The Lovely Kat in New Hampshire The Sky Here above the trees, New Hampshire New Hampshire river photography New Hampshire river and Kat Lets go to New Hampshire, White Mountains Kat in the rivers of New Hampshire New Hampshire rivers New Hampshire riverbed Exploring with Kat in New Hampshires rivers Exploring in New Hampshires rivers

Good times. Just, really good times.

I love big city architecture, museums bustling with exhibits, greasy spoon diners, small towns with tiny coffee shops, and rolling down the highways with classic rock blasting. You know, the usual things you would expect a traveler to like. But laying down on cool rocks after a long day of driving, not a single person around except for the person laughing on the rocks next to you, it’s going down as something I want to experience again and again.