Epic Trip Time! But first, coffee.

After meeting up in Newark Airport (the worst place for the first meeting of an epic friendship btw….a 40 minute queue for a taxi amid weirdly humid/rainy 2am Jersey weather, not to mention both of us sleepy and tired) and venturing into Brooklyn to crash at our hotel, me and Kat woke up the first day of our 10 day journey all over the East Coast of the USA ready for epic adventures. Since we were only spending 2 days in NYC, and it was her first time ever in the US, there was a pretty hefty challenge to see as much as we could, to run all over the island with the help of as much inexpensive coffee as we could find. There were places I could live without seeing again (here’s looking at you Times Square ) and places I couldn’t wait to experience again (Brooklyn Bridge, gods yes ) so it was just a matter of being mature, responsible and putting together a good list of places near each other, the best way to get to them, as well as a reasonable timetable.

I’m kidding of course, this is me, I can’t plan to save my life and Kat might be more responsible than I am but still, we’re great friends for a reason.

So we woke up that first day, aimed towards the nearest subway station, I downloaded the MOST USEFUL APP IN THE HISTORY OF EVER, seriously, i’m pretty sure this thing is the only reason me and Kat managed to get back to our hotel in Brooklyn after stuffing our faces in Chinatown and wandering all over midtown, the NYC Subway app, dunked ourselves in coffee and headed into Manhattan to poke at places on the map and see everything that we could.

And while I can’t say we explored every single inch of Central Park, scouted targets from the Empire State Building, or kissed the Statue of Liberty pink, we managed to have a rather epic and stupidly insanely fantastic time the 2 days we stayed there. And i’m proud to say she’s more than willing to give NYC a second visit sometime in the near future, unlike some other places we visited (sorry Connecticut but dear gods, what a disaster…) which is a tale for another time, soonish.

at Hotel BPM, dead tired

at Hotel BPM, dead tired


to be continued…

NYC- Pt.1

I was born, and for a good while, raised in NYC. My birth in Brooklyn, my schooling in The Bronx, cultural reunions in Queens and my adventurous spirit honed in Manhattan.(er… Staten Island wasn’t much discussed.)20140214-210045.jpg

The photos in this part, are of the NYC most everyone knows, the one that I think everyone should visit, not just for the experience but for that feeling you get of being part of something so encompassing and huge and overwhelming that it kinda scares you but also exhilarates you beyond belief. Being in New York City, Manhattan especially, is unlike being in any other “big” city that I can think of….there’s something so surreal about walking the pavement, brushing past supermodels, grocers, stock brokers, construction workers, famous actors, pretty much every kind of person you can think of…. and i’ve never been somewhere that made me feel more conscious of being ever so “human”. Part of something bigger than just me, the USA, the northern hemisphere, western civilization in general.20140214-210029.jpg20140214-210056.jpg20140214-210104.jpg20140214-210115.jpg20140214-210143.jpg20140214-210135.jpg20140214-210036.jpg 20140214-205954.jpg 20140214-205933.jpg20140214-205926.jpg

I don’t think NYC is magical or anything, and it’s far from a perfect place, but it’s an experience you can’t recreate anywhere else. You can find parts of yourself more easily there, amid the blurry shiny lights and the more intimate places that carve themselves into you without notice till later.

Ct. in Part 2.