Art Journal Monday- How Not to Chase the Storm

Lay your head down, fables and coffee paper ships and coke bottles Lay your head down in my arms, art journal page How not to chase the storm, fables and coffee Art journals and mason jars Paper ships, fables and coffee I will not submit to- art journal page To the idea of who I should/should not be Pages and paper ships Right round lyrics on journal page You Spin my Head- art journal page Spin my head right round, art journal pages

Has anyone started decorating for the holiday season yet? Turkey day is almost upon us folks here in the USA and while i’m not actually doing anything for the day except sleeping in, I feel the impending pressure to decorate and buy more presents than is economically advisable coming on. I also managed to somehow to land a new day job that i’m pretty fantastically excited about (let me just tell you though, doing a final interview running on 3 hours of sleep is NOT advisable, no matter how well it worked for me) which means i’ll be having to brave the shopping malls for sensible office shoes and I don’t know, professional trousers of some kind. Is there a section in the clothing store aimed at people who feel most comfortable in pj’s and fuzzy slippers?

My minds been in flux all month it seems, and while i’ve given up on the idea of regaining a new sleeping pattern till after November is well and over, I remain thankful for ink stains on my forearms, the patience of friends and the kindness of near-strangers. And coffee, of course. Always coffee, but surprisingly, also tea.

Music on repeat this past week:
Here we go again– Milkman
Cameras– Matt & Kim
Combatiente– Mana
Para Alcanzarte – Sin Bandera
Kajra Re– Aishawarya Rai ( playback singer Alisha Chinai )
Right Round– Flo Rida
Landfill– Daughter
With or Without You– U2

And on that note, if anyone has any good classical or mostly instrumental music to recommend, please do. I’m going to finally start watercoloring this next week (swear to gods it’s going to happen…)  and while i’ve got a good playlist going, suggestions are always welcome. Barring that, Bollywood music is always welcome as well.


Art Journal Monday- Such A Lovely Roadside Attraction

Quiet words on even quieter pagesScraps of paper, art journal remnantsArt journal monday, camera art journal mondays coffee and art journals Art journal words and scribbles Smudges and words IMG_7247 Such a Lovely Roadside attraction Clean art journal pages, scribbles of a mess

I haven’t been sleeping well lately.

Instead i’ve been finding myself up on the lonely side of midnight, tearing pages out of notebooks and lusting after watercolor skills. I fluctuate between happiness that spreads across pages like stained glass windows of color, and the kind of sadness that picks listlessly at the margins of deadline due papers. But there is so much to do, so much to see, languages to learn, different kinds of coffee to drink, music to pour into my ears with reckless abandon and usually around 3am I pull myself together enough to put my colored pencils in a rainbows order, clean up my paper scrap mountain messes and head to sleep, finally.

Creativity is a blessing but sometimes.
Sometimes it fries my brain and leaves me staring at my walls with wide owl eyes, a sea of colors flowing into connections but no energy to make it into reality. Tea helps though, and a friend suggested meditation, but we’ll see what sticks. Maybe I should just open up an all night coffee shop, call it “Creative’s Cafe”, stock it with art supplies and semi-decent coffee and just roll with it. Maybe?

Music on repeat this past week:
Ribs (Lets Have a Sleepover Version)- Lorde, Ryan Hemsworth Remix
MakeDamnSure– Taking Back Sunday
Lifeforms– Daughter
Operation Prometheus– Kraddy
Holy Soul– Salt Cathedral
House of the Rising Sun– Lauren O’ Connell (cover)
Do you Realize?– The Flaming Lips
Listen to The Math– Tokyo Police Club

On a side note, I did actually go out and buy a set of watercolor tubes and supplies this weekend so…fair warning, expect to see oddly wet pages and utterly crappy colored things sometime soon.


The Mountain is Not Kind- Art Journal Monday

coffee, art journals and mountains
Mountains sketches in art journal pages
the Mountain is not Kind
Mountains and Coffee sketches
Prose and Mountains
Mountains sketches, art journal
coffee and art journals
fables and coffee, art journal stuff
North Texas Art journals
Seattle dreams and Art journal musings

I moved away from the idea of mountains for a bit a couple of weeks after coming back from my short trip to Colorado (which I still need to post about….eventually…ahem…). The longing was still there, but there were other things that I wanted to settle my mind into, like topics of science, architecture and tiny houses, the Marvel fandom (specifically on tumblr, it’s such a beast of a community), and deserted towns here in North Texas to name a few. But the obsession is back in full force again, and while I still use every other weekend to go and explore the back alleys of towns that linger in the good ole’ western days of the 1800’s here, my heart is full of ridges and valleys, water filled dips and sun blessed plateaus. I don’t currently have any plans for travel, beyond just the usual wanderlust daydreaming, but moving pen across paper, it keeps the longing at bay for at least another week. And hopefully that means that thoughts of ill-advised jaunts to find myself at the foothills of giants again aren’t coming just yet. Maybe. We’ll see?

Currently on repeat :
Sea of Love- Cat Power
Kids- Lady Danville
Lass uns gehen- Revolverheld
Come back for Me- Jaymes Young
For Your Love- The Yardbirds
Houses of the Holy- Led Zeppelin
The Crystal Ship- The Doors
Take Me To Church- Hozier

Also, this playlist is just utterly addicting and fascinates me. It reminds me of the whole atmosphere surrounding the show “True Detective” and makes me want to go off and splash chalk spirals on walls and stain white concrete with black-red ink. I really love music that can peel back your mind and get inside to create things of it’s own.


Art Journal Monday- I Don’t Want A War, My Friend

Glasses and lyrics, art journal page Swirls and words, art journal page I don't want a war art journal page Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset face sketch in art journal I love... art journal page Sound, sketch art journal page I love your sound, art journal page

Over the weekend (apart from my mild freakout concerning Lightroom + Photoshop and existing solely in my PJs while deconstructing the Ultron trailer second by second with other fellow enthusiasts on tumblr ) I had the unique pleasure of being inspired by a person who, while very far away, managed to virtually shake my hand and call me friend with some enthusiasm. Distances feel so insurmountable some days, but then there are others where I feel like I could fold up the distance like a map and plunk myself down in a Snow Patrol song, with no regard to time zones or cultural barriers. Friendship seems so often overlooked in the spectrum of influential relationships a person can have, slotting in somewhere underneath “mentorship” and “family” but for me, it’ll always be numero uno.

My musical playlist for these pages was, as usual, utterly strange and I take a special kind of pride that my brain hasn’t dispersed into a cloud of fine mist through my ears from the abuse I’ve hounded on it this weekend.

-Back Home to Me- Sophie Milman
-Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
-Weird Fishes (Arpeggi )- Radiohead
-Tell Me that You’re Alright- Motion City Soundtrack
-Nara- Alt J ∆
-MGMT- Kids ft. Mia Wray
-The Man Who Sold the World- Nirvana
-Often- The Weeknd (Kygo Remix)
-Lijo- Alina Orlova

Now if only I could find some good songs in German to indulge in while I practice my (really rather lacking) vocab skills. Not that I really need to add more to the nutty-ness but still, broadening horizons are good yeah?


Art Journal Monday- My High Gloss Fantasy Caffeine High

vogue art journal pages buttons and fashion art journal pages High Gloss Journal Pages coffee and art journal morningsembroidery thread art journal pages tea art journal page Tea would be lovely! art journal page A silent caress art journal page Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset scribbles and art journal pages fables and coffee Art journal pages and coffee

I’ve had a subscription to Vogue (USA)  for as long as I can remember, and the funny thing is, most people that know me in real life would probably be surprised by that. But there is so much artistry, passion and collective effort in each issue, not to mention in each and every spread, that I sometimes wonder why it’s not a given that I would bow my head and speed off into the glossy pages every month. I seek inspiration in many hued fabric colors, find calm in the way the light falls on a models face as she turns to the camera to be captured in a perfect shot, and I fall into the story telling power that keeps me turning page after page until only the back cover is left.

There’s plenty to say for and against the fashion world, and i’ve heard most all arguments worth making. Defending one side or the other isn’t my jam though, I’ll leave that to the more informed and passionate of defenders. I just like to sit in the early morning light, drink my coffee, and fall into the high gloss fantasy that sweeps everything away and sparks inspiration down my spine and through my fingertips.