Exploring the Streets and Architecture In Belfast, Maine

(From my end of May trip with my good friend Kat. We spent 10 days exploring the east coast of the USA, and one of the days we spent exploring a good chunk of north Maine. We stayed in Belfast and after finishing up some wandering in the streets of Seasport, and then venturing around the woods and coastline of Moose Point State Park, we headed into Belfast for a quick hour or so of touristy shopping and just walking amid civilization again.)

Belfast was….something else. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, at all, coming into this town, but the morning was bright, the fog dissipating a good bit, and the momentum for exploration amid buildings was deep in our lungs after getting our fill of trees and calm ocean waves. The locals were by half oddly standoffish or deeply friendly, depending on what shop you went into. I got a friend a hand embroidered dishtowel, and myself a glass jar of berry jam at one of the rather stodgy shops, and a whole slew of postcards and magnets at a more homey and eclectic ice cream place down towards the docks. Perhaps not a town I would go back to again and again, like some other parts of Maine, but it was definitely worth a quick visit and it was fun to explore the architecture and see unique touches in the buildings there. Also, postcards for friends, and a moose magnet for my fridge, definitely a good stop on our roadtrip.