Art Journal Monday- I Have Hungered

As i’m STILL editing my photos from my trip to Big Bend (blame work and not my incessant procrastination), i’m posting some pages from my art journal I did last month. Though I only post a set of two pages every week it’s probably good to mention that I usually do a set of 6 to 8 pages at a time in one sitting, as whatever inspired me is usually good for pouring out over page after page.

And what inspired these pages? Well, that would telling wouldn’t it.

Songs on Repeat-
Sweet Sour- Band of Skulls
FleshSimon Curtis
Inferno- Sir Sly
I Love YouWoodkid
Bad CompanyFive Finger Death Punch
Death Valley Fall Out Boy
Bloody ShirtTo Kill A King (Bastille Remix)
Terrible LoveThe National

Plans for my two weeks off at the beginning of October have been solidified into a coherent jumble and all I’ll say for now is, it shall be epic and will probably be the last great roadtrip I do before I start crossing oceans to start ticking off all the places i’d like to see outside the great old US of A. Apart from being much more diligent about my exercise routine with this trip in mind, i’ve also added weights into the mix and the comments i’ve been getting from dudes who are intimidated by women who lift weights have been both hilarious and a great source of motivation, but more on that next week. Currently getting through 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles Mann which is proving a challenge not for the content (which is fascinating) but the writing style, and looking forward to bending my brain into new and interesting shapes by tackling Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter afterwards. I’ve also been slowly but surely getting back to my love of snailmail, though with more restraint than before given how crap-tastic I can be with managing my time.

not drowning in my coffee cups yet,

The God-King Told Me To Wait- Art Journal Monday

Art Journal Monday, June 16 The God King Told Me To Wait- Art Journal

It’s been a while since I posted up pages from my art journal or just art in general hasn’t it?

It’s… easier for me to write posts that deal with traveling, because I can ramble on for ages detailing life on the road or the virtues of a specific landmark but art -and especially my art journals- they’re definitely more personal and I always feel that I have to dig that extra inch deeper to come out with something worth saying. And what is it that i’ve dug up from the deep this week? Lets see…

Tumultuous friendships- those that bud rapidly and then just as easily are shed. Also, the Byzantine era, oddly enough? Those two things have nothing to do with one another….or actually they could have so much to do with one another but, at least in my head, they’re at two different ends of the sheet. The first is something i’m generally always dealing with, the second a new interest.  But, progress!  I’ve stopped throwing my shoes at the wall in frustration with people who have a hard time differentiating who they want me to be and who I actually am- and as for my rogue interests, i’ve stopped flipping my wallet open at used book stores just for a chance to feed the addiction that comes from learning new (but generally useless in my everyday life) things. Anyone else nursing budding random interests?

June is bringing with it muggy hot weather here in Texas, but i’m feeling positive about the future and at least I have a great supply of iced coffee in the fridge that is keeping me cooled and caffeinated.

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Art Journal Monday- The Devil Does Not Wait

lyrics, art journal monday Art Journal Monda the devil calls and I will follow, art journal pages art journal monday, fables and coffee

March is here, and we’re in the ides of it and I made a joke to the bf that now is the perfect time for me to get stabbed in the back by someone. He just shook his head at my inanity and said “no one’s gonna stab you” and went back to half watching an especially wild episode of The X Files.

I have twin desires, the first being to blow past any and all expectations people might have of me, whether thats at work, in my personal life or just driving down the highway and inadvertently starting a race with the Mustang next to me; this drive to push forward in anything I encounter- maybe not to be the best but certainly to get close to it. My other desire? To life a stress-free life in obscurity. You can probably see how very much these two things do not complement each other.

Burning curiosity, I think thats my fatal flaw. Or maybe it’s the callous boredom that follows after i’ve absorbed all the information I can on a subject without trying for a degree in it. Either way, there’s that feeling I get in all my relationships, platonic or not so much, that I exasperate people with a terrible ease and that’s how we come back full circle to the Caesar reference.  Maybe i’m just feeling especially morbid this time a year? I don’t know, I think I probably just need more coffee in my daily life and less stress.

Songs on Repeat- 
Me and The Devil– Soap & Skin
No Angels– Bastille Ft Ella
Adagio for Strings– Bastille Ft. Maiday
Young Folks– Peter Bjorn and John

Still editing photos from the roadtrip I took through the southwest of these United States and currently I have 14 folders with an average of 12 photos, each corresponding to a potential post, plus another folder with misc. photos. So…..I mean….i’ll get there eventually. The trip wore me out in a good way, but then I got sick something dreadful on Sunday and have just recently started feeling better. Work is kicking my ass and the expectations there feel just a knife edge towards overwhelming and my thoughts of running away to Alaska have returned with a vengeance. But for now at least, my desire to face down expectations with a grin and automaton like precision is winning out. Wish me luck dear readers, in surviving this next month with my sleeping patterns intact.

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Art Journal Monday- From The Road

maps and art journals
roadtrip art journal page
travel art journal
maps and art journal pages
Grand Canyon Sketch, Art journal
Roadtrip art journal

These pages were done while huddled in a car going 85 mph down a darkening highway, sitting on the rough blanket of a motel while sleep tugged at my eyes, at the table of a very not-so-great restaurant while sunlight streamed through the glass ceilings and finished up while sprawled on my office floor, maps and brochures scattered around me.

I still have my primary art journal to finish but this one…I can’t even tell you what prompted me to stuff this brand new journal into my suitcase instead of my usual one, except maybe i’m a sucker for blank pages and the cute little compass rose embossed on the cover couldn’t have been more cliche-perfect for a roadtripper like me. It was lovely to have new, perfectly clean pages to work on though, like a open map in front of me just begging for an adventure to be picked out, a route to be highlighted. Maybe this will be the one I take with me on whenever I renew my Texas adventures….I don’t know yet, we’ll see.

Song on Repeat:
The FearBen Howard

( Currently tired to the bone, haven’t yet even made the effort to edit a single photograph and while my hands itch to start type-type-typing out things for stories i’ve shined to a polish in my mind, i’m just taking it easy this week. I go back to work tomorrow and I don’t know if i’m quite ready to throw off that restless feeling of being on the road, the whole country laid out as a possibility and nothing to stop you from just driving till you can’t anymore. I’ll be exchanging my mudcaked shoes for sensible flats, my ripped and dirty jeans for bookish trousers and pushing up my glassed on my face not to get a better view at the vista laid out in front of me but to analyze numbers and dosages again. But….I think i’ll be ok and honestly, being back home isn’t the worst feeling, especially not when I burrow into my couch and queue up some episodes of X Files to watch with the boyfriend, thats a pretty great cozy feeling actually.)

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Art Journal Monday- And Maybe He Has Fallen

art journal, the saints and the angelsart journal, mixed media


Lately it seems i’m been intoxicated by the idea of the would be saints and martyrs that never made it to the holy stage of their journey, the boy-kings felled before their golden age could come about, the cities left in ruins with only the memory of their greatness left in the cracks of their stones.


and maybe he has journal pages but I swear that so have journal pages

I know I don’t really talk about it but I really rather enjoy history. I enjoy listening to hour long history lectures on grand overviews of world affecting turmoils and dipping my toes in the flurry eddies of short podcasts that delve into oddly specific events and moments in time that were never covered in history classes. Plenty of my friends have this idea of “history” as that snore-fest inducing period they had to endure in high school, and I can’t say I had much fun either (pretty sure I skipped more history classes than I ever attended). But there is this intoxicating richness that lies in even the most boring of history textbooks that I could never ignore, that questions of “well, what happened after that then?” or better yet, ” ok, but what if this had happened instead?

art journal monday, art journal pages

Anyways, before I go off about the un-mutable spirit of mankind and how gladly every age seems to march inexorably towards destruction and ruin with a spirt unbroken, i’m gonna end this here, cause who really wants that?

On a more cheery note, this Friday i’m leaving good ole’ Texas for a 10 day roadtrip with the boyfriend to the following line-up of fantastic locations: The Grand Canyon, Zion National Park,  Bryce Canyon and Santa Fe. Basically, i’m gonna go look at breathtaking landscapes that boggle the mind and then spend the last half of the trip finding tasty foods to indulge in while I wave year 24 of my life goodbye and ring in a quarter century of life. Should hopefully be fun and not end up with me regretting my life choices.

here’s to a quarter century more,