Art Journal Monday- Wage Your War

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When asked, what the greatest influence on my life has been (which is a rather telling question isn’t it?), I usually pause and try and gauge the person asking this. Do they mean who has been influential in my life, and if so, do expect to hear stories of families or idols cut from magazines? Or do they wonder about aesthetic pleasures and wish to carve my colors from me with palettes from J.W Waterhouse and the bone structures of Guadí? Maybe they mean world events, geo-political and regional… or to delve into recent poli-sci tensions with fervor. Music, perhaps? Film and cinema? Internet memes and obsessions?

So many routes to go, it’s almost as if that questions could be too broad to answer.

To make it simple though,(and if the answer really warrant’s an honest response ) I usually say, Lord of the Rings and Alice in Wonderland. Books or movies, you might ask? Both, why not both. It’s the foundations of these worlds that I love,the passion for escape and world building, a concise and yearning love for a good story told. I could spend hours, days, weeks analyzing and falling into either world and indeed, for most of my teenage years nothing came as close to ruining my grades as these obsessions of mine. Aragorn, Merry, Samwise, Elrond, The White Rabbit, the Red Queen, Knave of Hearts, Bill the Lizard not to mention the Cheshire cat and Gandalf, I would follow them day after day, adventure after adventure and to this day I still spend hours out of my day pouring over fantasy illustrations that bear remarkable resemblance to the world of Middle Earth in their fantastical scope or fashion spreads that pay silent homage to the Looking Glass realm in the colors of their gems and fabrics.

Aesthetically, philosophically, morally and ever always, my life will be influenced by Lord of the Rings and Alice in Wonderland and if that sounds utterly strange and slightly nutty, well, I mean, what can you say?

Songs on repeat this past week:

Earned it- The Weeknd
Radar Detector- Darwin Deez
Shut Up and Dance- Walk the Moon
Thunder Clatter- Wild Club
Azure- Paul Kalkbrenner
Yellow Flicker Beat- Lorde
Infinity- Marek Hemmann
Come With Me Now- KONGOS

So who else is planning the most epic of epic marathons when the final Hobbit movie comes out and you can watch all three PLUS the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings in one sitting? My butt will probably meld with the couch but it’ll be worth it i’m sure.


“And By Each Crime and Kindness..” Art Journal Pages

Literature inspired art journal pages

There are stories that stay with you, bits of memories that cling to inspiration and come out at unexpected times.
Alice In Wonderland Art Journal Pagecloud atlas journal pagesripped pages and literature art journal

They can be childhood fables that were told in hurried whispers as you were being tucked into bed, or a movie you caught the tail end of 5 years ago after too many glasses of wine. A story woven into the bars of a song, lyrics too hazy to unweave till you’re in just the right state of mind.Literature quote, cloud atlas, art journal page art journal page, literature ripped paper alice in wonderland art journal page quote

These journal pages, they were put together at around 2 in the morning, the night before a day off, and I couldn’t quite tell you what prompted me to bust out the glue sticks and taper my thoughts down onto paper in this fashion. But i’m tempted to continue this way, at least for a bit, the cliche over caffeinated artist with glue-sticky fingers ripping papers at midnight and scrawling words out out out


currently on repeat :

Alice In Wonderland Statue- Central Park, NYC

Boats In Central Park A lovely place to Sit Moving on our way towards Alice in Wonderland after departing from the magic surrounding Bethesda Fountain, me and Kat encountered many a lovely sights, from lonely boats waiting to be used, to quiet secluded sitting areas just begging to be sat on and have hours fly by, to the many and utterly numerous ridiculously fit people jogging by or walking their dogs. It’s decidedly unfair the amount of lovely people that can fit in one city, never mind in one park, people watching can be take to a whole new level here. Upper West Side Views Central ParkConservatory Water View In Central Park Upper West Side Central Park

(The Conservatory water area in Central Park is a fantastic place to people watch by the way, everyone we encountered there oozed relaxation and that specific kind of languid body language that comes from  the particularly kind-of-well off.  )Alice in Wonderland Statue in Central Park Alice in Wonderland Statue Central Park Cheshire Cat In Central Park

The Alice In Wonderland statue was, in all respects, worth the journey. We also did manage to find the Balto statue but Kat was the one that photographed the heck out of that one, I just tried to prevent myself from being tripped up by the delightfully hazard prone skaters surrounding that particular area. Central Park, I’m coming back one day soon.


Towards Bethesda Fountain- Central Park, NYC

After resting up a bit from the admittedly muggy and slightly out of control humidity pouring down on us, me and Kat headed further into Central Park. She had a wish to find and gaze upon the statue of Balto and I had a craving to see Alice in Wonderland and then maybe collapse under some shade. From where we had started, it seemed like we only had to walk a bit to get to both our desires but the thing about Central Park is really, it’s so huge. Gods, ever so ginormous and wonderfully full of things to see (and in my case) photograph. We passed under the green arches of lovely trees and ignored the temptations of dozens of available benches to fold ourselves onto, keeping on deeper and deeper into whatever direction we were heading towards(north I reckon it was) .

And while we did eventually come upon wondrous Balto and the oh so climbable collection of Alice in Wonderland statues, the journey to get there was just as brilliant as finding what we were looking for.