Random Artsy Things, A Texas Mind in Flux

20140625-130640-47200321.jpgLife gets busy, life gets all over the place, even during the idle days of summer. Currently i’m working fulltime at my day job as a pharmacy tech, which leaves precious little time for all my creative passions, not to mention adding in trying to brush up my Spanish skills a bit more (and thinking about another language to add…German prods at me, but Russian seems like a good idea for my future career choices….) and trying to get myself into better shape as well (oh jogging, here I come apparently) . My letters to pen-pals are starting to resemble a modest mountain, my books to read have gone from being lovingly displayed on shelves to getting buried under swatches of fabric, and my product sketches are starting to fall into my art journal and have a hard time finding their way out.

Singer Sewing Machine Canon 60D My Love

Steve, the Pink Alpaca, wearing my headphones.

Steve, the Pink Alpaca, wearing my headphones.

Still, i’m learning to move my mentality from “tomorrow, or idk, how about waiting till my next day off?….” to  something more like “ok, get it together you noodle! Go do stuff! Actual stuff, not Tumblr!” . This isn’t to say i’m still not floundering on tumblr over photosets of Chris Evans and/or Sebastian Stan, it just means i’ve started avoiding blogs that deal exclusively with yummy human beings. Which….that makes me sounds a bit like a cannibal doesn’t it? Wells, just going to leave it at that anyways, the sentiment is similar enough.It's All Moot Pink Alpaca Feet

A cheery almost- end of June! Enjoy a cool mix:




Exploring In New Hampshires Forests

Exploring In New Hampshires Forests

The best photo so far from this past trip through the East Coast of the USA with my friend Kat. Am home now and it’s weird readjusting to the idea of staying in 1 place for longer than a few days before packing everything up for the next whirlwind adventure. Getting back into the groove of a familiar bed, coffee without diner food, and the general day to day going ons. Happy to be back in one piece, but missing the road already.


Crescent City, Down the Coast- Northern California

There’s few places i’ve been to that I can truly say are blessed with indescribably beauty every where you turn, every curve of the road opening up to passage of even more open mouthed wonder and unbelievable vistas. True, I haven’t been every where on this Earth, so maybe my opinion doesn’t count for much, but I can at least say, with all the places i’ve been, the Northern California coast is just….. without words, without pretenses, lovely in the most raw of ways.


~Upcoming adventures on the East Coast~

20140505-141918.jpgIn a little less than 2 weeks (May 14-24) me and my awesome friend Kat will be meeting for the first time ever (she lives in Norway while i’m currently residing here in Texas) and embarking on a 10 day adventure that will take us from a stay in NYC to a 5 day roadtrip through Maine-New Hampshire-Vermont-Connecticut- Rhode Island, ending in an exploration of Boston, Massachusetts. While we’ve handled all the logistics (flights, hotels, car rental, busses/trains ) we still have not much of an idea of where we’re going and/or what we’ll be doing….but that’s part of the adventure no? Just going somewhere, seeing what happens and where you’ll end up. I’m buzzing with excitement, joy and wanderlust and judging from our whatsapp messages, i’m thinking the feeling is mutual. Everything else in my life right now is a slight meltdown mess, but the chance to go on adventures like this keeps my head above waters, and the rest just boils down to my philosophy of “challenge it, deal with it or burn with it.” Keeps life interesting I think.




Amid the Redwoods and Purple Moss – pt. 1

( going with the current running theme of writing out of order, this took place after I left
Grants Pass (“It’s the Climate”)- Oregon )IMG_3474 IMG_3476 IMG_3475 IMG_3471 IMG_3472 IMG_3473 IMG_3468 IMG_3469 IMG_3470 IMG_3465 IMG_3467 IMG_3466 Processed with VSCOcam with k2 preset IMG_3463 Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

I could spill out some words for this post, but honestly, I don’t think words can really convey the feeling of being so small, tiny, a wandering speck in the towering almost-jungle of redwoods in this part of southern Oregon. Just a couple of steps away from the highway, into the forest, it’s as if you’re taking a step into another time zone, a world that is slightly hidden behind the one you’re in. Part of you wants to stay forever and explore till your bones are covered with moss, and the other wonders if you’re better off not disturbing the raw beauty found there.