The British Museum and A Walk Around The City- London, England

There’s a lot of cities that have been featured at one time or another at the top of my ever changing bucket list. London has definetly been one of those that has come and gone, never firmly staying on there for long enough to really make the time to visit. Nothing against the city of course, if anything it’s probably a product of knowing too many people from the rest of the UK who have never had much to say in favor of London. An old friend from the south of England just sort of shrugged when I asked if it was worth visiting, another from Manchester advised the Lake District was a much better venture and the most enthusiasm someone living in London itself could give me was “Sure yeah, there’s a bunch to see I guess.”

When we planned out this trip, starting in Sintra and then adding in stops on the way, of cities I’d always dreamed of seeing like Prague and Budapest, we decided to add London as the last stop on the journey, both as a sort of cherry on top of major European cities visited and as a low pressure way to end the trip since neither of us was overly invested in trying to see everything London has to offer.

And London does indeed have plenty to offer. Though I can’t say I fell in love with the it the way I did with Lisbon, there is a vibrancy that is unique to the city and I can easily understand why so many people consider London a personal favorite and visit time and time again.  We spent the most time at the British Museum (because of course we did, if there’s a giant museum around you can bet thats gonna be my first stop of the day) and then we did a self guided walking tour around the most popular sights of London before finishing up at what I think is probably the single most touristy thing we did on the whole trip, the London Eye. We lucked out and happened to ride up just as the sun was setting though so, honestly, it was incredible and one of the highlights of the day. Seeing London spread out below us as the sun set a brilliant orange on the distant horizon? Perfect way to end the day.

The British Museum

Trafalgar Square

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey

Palace of Westminster

View of River Thames

View from the London Eye

All in all London was a perfectly satisfying way to end the trip and while i’m not sure if we’ll ever visit the city again given all the other places i’d dearly love to venture to, it definetly held it’s own place as one of the great cities of Europe.


  1. ourcrossings · December 29, 2019

    Although London has never been on my travel wish list, I made the most of my visits over the years and would definitely love to go back during the festive season because from what I’ve seen on Instagram, it’s a city decorated unlike any other. Thanks for sharing and wishing you a very Happy New Year ❄️⛄❄️⛄ Aiva

    • FablesandCoffee · December 29, 2019

      Thank you and a happy New Year to you as well! 🤗😊

  2. wheatypetesworld · December 29, 2019

    Glad you had a good time in London, but your friends were right: there is so much more of beauty to see in this country. The Lake District isn’t a bad start… but I could send you to perfect villages, dramatic mountainsides or quirky towns steeped in history. And I know it is not my call, but I always want to apologise to people who have had their historical artefacts stolen away. OK so the British museum may have preserved these, but I for one think that it is about time we gave them back with a bit of an abject apology for the plundering mindsets of our greedy, imperial ancestors. HG Wells understood when he wrote War of The Worlds and one character muses that the superior, all-destroying technology of the invaders is nothing less than what the lead (Victorian) country of the British Empire was subjecting the people in the colonies to. For some of us the British Museum does not sit comfortably and if this was your window into this country, then I can’t help thinking that you have missed something here… but I guess I would say that, wouldn’t I? Nevertheless, another interesting window into your global mindset/travels Thanks for sharing.

    • FablesandCoffee · December 29, 2019

      Oh, I very much agree with you re: the British Museum. As someone who loves history and the joy of learning I have had to straddle that uncomfortable line that is the imperialist history of western museums. I am American but my family is not and being part of a culture that has its own historical artifacts housed in the British museum is definetly uncomfortable at best. One of my favorite books on the subject if you’re interested is Plundered Skulls and Stolen Spirits by Chip Colwell, though in a pinch James Acaster sums it up nicely : . On a side note, the ruins of Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire are in my plans to one day visit in England, so I do hope to be back one day :)

  3. wheatypetesworld · December 29, 2019

    If you ever plan a N Yorks trip let me know and I will give you some further destinations. Thanks for the book tip… I am going to Amazon right now.

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