On A More Personal Note- Frisco, Texas

It’s been about oh, a month or so since my last blog post and while I don’t have quite a high enough readership for that to cause a stir, it’s only polite to put a cap on the silence considering I was about 10% through the blogging of a whole trip.

Though I love the process of going through photographs i’ve taken on trips, editing and tweaking them and then putting it all together as part of a blog post, it does take a bit of time and lately thats been in high demand around here. Between my day job as someone who’s main responsibility is putting out fires on a team of 1, studying for the advanced Salesforce Admin exam (because why not push for something just that bit of extra), taking an online course on how to become a full stack web developer, working on a couple of art projects for friends, keeping up with letters and penpals, pushing myself to keep a weekly workout routine that will hopefully one day allow me to unironically wear a shirt that says, “Suns Out, Guns Out” and a few other items…some things have had to be put on the back-burner. Things like baking up cool and complicated recipes (almond shortbread raspberry thumbprint cookies are a frick-ton harder to make than expected), reading books about medieval manuscript and of course, this blog.

I’m really hoping to get back into the swing of things before my next trip in May (headed to Greece and Spain) but, no promises just yet.

Only slightly drowning in my coffee cups,

p.s If anyone has a good thumbprint cookie recipe that doesn’t end with the baker in tears at the sight of their crumbly cookies, do share.

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