The Forum Romanum and a Goodbye- Rome, Italy

Was this the highlight of our stay in Rome? Long answer no (St Peters Basilica was surreal but my hurt hurt like the dickens to the point it was excruciating to stand and marvel at it all), short answer heck yes. I honestly can’t emphasize how necessary a visit is to the Roman Forum if you are visiting Rome and considering we almost didn’t go ourselves thats saying something.

I think the only real downside to the visit was that because we chose to do this in conjunction with the Colosseum tour (which isn’t necessary but the ticket price for us just made sense), we didn’t have as much time to explore as I would have liked once the tour concluded. But to be fair, I feel like I would need a full day to see it all and I’m more than willing to come back to do so.

Being for centuries the center of everyday life in Rome, the sprawling ruins of the forum are capable of capturing anyone’s imagination and I would almost dare anyone to visit and not be filled with wonder and immense curiosity at the lives of the people who inhabited these spaces.

( For information on how to get there, it’s location- next to the Colosseum it’s pretty obvious but still-, the price of admission and opening hours I would suggest going here. )

After paying my respects at Julius Caesar’s alter (not to be confused with his grave, but where his remains were cremated and where his altar is dedicated ) we headed back down the street to our Airbnb apartment where it was time to pack things up for the next mornings journey to Paris.

After snacking on what will always remain the best tasting strawberries that I’d picked up earlier on our walk back from the Pantheon, I alternated between packing and making sure we were reading for our early departure and marveling at the incredible view from our windows as the sun set and night descended complete with twinkling stars.

I can say with a surety that i’m sure has been expressed millenniums before- there is no city quite like Rome and I would almost say that any first time visit to Italy isn’t complete without at least a stop to the city that all roads lead to.


One comment

  1. Ron · November 29

    “Tully was not so eloquent as thou,
    ⁠Thou nameless column with the buried base!
    ⁠What are the laurels of the Cæsar’s brow?
    ⁠Crown me with ivy from his dwelling-place.
    ⁠Whose arch or pillar meets me in the face,
    ⁠Titus or Trajan’s? No—’tis that of Time:
    ⁠Triumph, arch, pillar, all he doth displace
    ⁠Scoffing; and apostolic statues climb
    To crush the imperial urn, whose ashes slept sublime,

    Buried in air, the deep blue sky of Rome,
    ⁠And looking to the stars: they had contained
    ⁠A Spirit which with these would find a home,
    ⁠The last of those who o’er the whole earth reigned,
    ⁠The Roman Globe—for, after, none sustained,
    ⁠But yielded back his conquests:—he was more
    ⁠Than a mere Alexander, and, unstained
    ⁠With household blood and wine, serenely wore
    His sovereign virtues—still we Trajan’s name adore…”

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