Delftware, Ship Models and Romanticism- Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

And now we get into the good stuff…

That was my thought as I left the Hall of Honor gallery and headed towards the rest of the galleries on the second floor. Not to say the paintings and areas I had been in before weren’t very literally breathtaking but, as i’ve mentioned before, my jam is more historical objects/documents than paintings, and boy was I in for an overflowing bounty of arrestingly interesting pieces and items of all kinds.

All kinds of beautiful artwork, craftsmanship and exquisite what have you was what I found wandering the halls of the more than 30 galleries devoted to the 17th century (1600–1700) . From the Navel Power gallery to the King Stadtholder III and Mary Stuart gallery and French Court art and Delftware, there’s honestly something for everyone- provided of course that you interested in these kinds of things in the first place. But what would you be doing here in the museum if you weren’t?

I ended my visit back on the first floor,The 18th century (1700–1800) , making sure to get a good look at the three Van Gogh paintings housed here because at the time I had decided I wouldn’t try and go to the separate Van Gogh museum on this visit. I sat for a good amount of time just there near the entrance/exit area just taking it all in, experiencing that godawful feeling of nostalgia for a moment you’re still living in and wondering if I would ever get the chance to come back to this amazing musuem. Eventually I kicked that weird mood though, and went to hit up the giftshop, because of course I did, it’s become literally impossible for me to go somewhere and not leave many (many) euros lighter.

I headed back to my hotel just a couple of blocks away and enjoyed the great weather on the walk back, a complete sunny departure from the foggy rain of that morning. Once back at the hotel, dinner on it’s way and my bed covered in museum brochures and more ticket stubs than I could count, I made plans for the next day which did actually end up including the Van Gogh museum because go figure.


p.s here’s a floor-plan for the Rijksmuseum for anyone curious.


  1. Sartenada · December 12, 2017

    So many gorgeous photos from this wonderful museum. Thank You.

    BTW, did You know that in Finland we have Votive ships inside of our churches?

    Ships inside churches.

    Have a wonderful day!

    • FablesandCoffee · December 12, 2017

      Thank you! And thanks for sharing your post about the ships in churches in Finland, I had absolutely no idea but that was a super interesting read and if I’m ever over there I’m going to make sure and see I can search for one (in the summertime of course!)

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