Night Falling Over Sand- Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, CO

What I remember most vividly was the feel of cold sand against my bare feet and the sound of running water. We settled in next to the creek to relax after our eventful day (starting in South Fork, headed to Creede and then back to South Fork only to head back out later in the day to find a town with a postoffice to buy stamps at and then finally to this park that ended up about a two hours drive away) and to wait for the sunset.

It took it’s time, and perhaps if I was a more determined photographer I would have hiked up to the dunes to enjoy the view from there but, I consider myself more of a traveler than anything else, and so I saved that journey for another visit. This time I took in the colors of above from below and enjoyed the clouds moving in from the east.

We lingered till just after the sun had settled in, the sky still muted colors, until we heard the far off cries of coyotes…and the sounds of people nearby calling back at them. There is a particular kind of madness that even i’m not that fond of delving into, so after a few more back and forth calls we headed back to the car, the day more than happily ended.



  1. Matthew Wakelee · May 22, 2017

    Great photos!

    • FablesandCoffee · May 22, 2017

      Thank you! :)

  2. adventuredawgs · May 23, 2017

    Those dunes are spectacular!

    • FablesandCoffee · May 24, 2017

      Thank you!! I honestly can’t wait to visit again :D

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