An Unexpected Interruption at Bachelors Loop- Creede, CO

The plans were, as always, loose and easily changeable. We woke up decently early to head from South Fork towards Creede and take the Bachelors Loop Tour before heading on over to Lake City. By the way, the only reason we planned to go to Lake City is because the bf had mentioned this as a place I should visit more than a dozen times since our last visit and it was my goal to once and for all just make it out there, damn any and all impediments…of course that steely eyed determination and my own hubris would end up being my downfall but, more on that later.

I had actually previously visited Creede and the beginnings of the Bachelor loop but last time we had been driving a sedan and hadn’t been able to make it more than partially up the loop. This time, we were better prepared BUT unfortunately we didn’t take the weather into consideration and ended up having to stop even before we started, as the part of the loop that starts right past the mining museum was closed off with cinder blocks. And so that was disappointing but, I still got a chance to see the familiar structures from before and had fun driving through the sleepy town of Creede (it would be the first of many times we passed through it) before we headed back to our cabin to regroup for the day.

We had counted on using the next day to drive out to the Great Sand Dunes NP but after the bf looked up the weather forecast and saw a projected thunderstorm heading into that area, we headed back to South Fork to chill for a couple of hours before making the decision to finish out the day there. That part of the day at least, turned out to be perfectly planned.


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