Roadtrip 2017- Frozen Lakes, Sandy Dunes and Unexpectedly, Paris

The one thing I thought, as I was sorting through the literal hundreds of photos I took on this trip, was that I need to learn restraint when it comes to pressing that shutter button (and not only because i’m a paranoid weirdo and capture Raw + JPEG formats).

But anyways, thats a lesson i’ll have to learn later, somehow. For now, my favorite way to breakdown a road trip,

the List of Numbers:

2- National Parks visited (Rocky Mountain and Great Sand Dunes)
4- the number of times I sang/played/hummed/annoyed the bf with Hotel California
3- horrifyingly awkward conversations that made me want to rip my left arm off just to have an excuse to escape (or pass out)
6- times we passed through Creede, Colorado (there and back)
2- times we had tacos/burritos at Qdoba (WHY CAN’T WE HAVE THEM IN TEXAS)
3- books bought at gift shops that I probably didn’t need to buy
1 1/2- ghost town explored
4- times the weather completely screwed us over
2- birds I saw fighting viciously over cracker crumbs in Rocky Mountain NP
1- time I tried to play Wonderwall by Oasis and had the bf give me a death glare
5- slices of INSANELY huge French toast that I gave the side eye to
3- chapters of the Good Omens audiobook listened to
1- ticket to Paris bought (it was too good of a deal to pass up even if I have literally no solid plans yet)
Countless- selfies taken, times I ooohed over the landscape and mountains, cheese and cracker combo’s munched on, time spent marveling over exactly how large and diverse the US can be. 

Here’s the semi-organized breakdown of the posts to come ( with actual photographs vs these iPhone shots) :  Rocky Mountain NP (x2 or 3), Caribou Ghost Town, Denver Museum of Nature and Science (x3, there were just too many amazing exhibits I’d like to share here) , frozen Bear Lake Sunrise, Garden of the Gods, South Fork/Creede, Bachelor Tour Loop, Great Sand Dunes NP (x2) , Ponderosa abandoned structure. 

~ m 

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