That Cold Mountain Air- Estes Park, Colorado

– first photo taken at Rocky Mountain Natl. Park, second photo at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, third photo in the ghost town of Caribou, just outside Nederland, CO (all iPhone)

Currently writing this from our hotel room in Estes Park while I try and set down the plans for tomorrow a little better. I’m trying something different with this roadtrip, both in the way i’ve been keeping track of everything going on (actually sitting down at the end of the day to write out one page layouts)  and how i’ll be posting about it. So while I don’t think I can blog about events in any kind of real time, i’m gonna try and get these posts out faster than last time at least.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to this part of Colorado that holds the lovely snowcapped Rockies of Rocky Mountain National Park and the interesting cities of Boulder and Denver and head on south to Colorado Springs to hit Garden of the Gods before road tripping on South Fork to huddle ourselves in the welcoming curves of the San Juan Mountains.


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