Roadtrip 2017- Frozen Lakes, Sandy Dunes and Unexpectedly, Paris

The one thing I thought, as I was sorting through the literal hundreds of photos I took on this trip, was that I need to learn restraint when it comes to pressing that shutter button (and not only because i’m a paranoid weirdo and capture Raw + JPEG formats).

But anyways, thats a lesson i’ll have to learn later, somehow. For now, my favorite way to breakdown a road trip,

the List of Numbers:

2- National Parks visited (Rocky Mountain and Great Sand Dunes)
4- the number of times I sang/played/hummed/annoyed the bf with Hotel California
3- horrifyingly awkward conversations that made me want to rip my left arm off just to have an excuse to escape (or pass out)
6- times we passed through Creede, Colorado (there and back)
2- times we had tacos/burritos at Qdoba (WHY CAN’T WE HAVE THEM IN TEXAS)
3- books bought at gift shops that I probably didn’t need to buy
1 1/2- ghost town explored
4- times the weather completely screwed us over
2- birds I saw fighting viciously over cracker crumbs in Rocky Mountain NP
1- time I tried to play Wonderwall by Oasis and had the bf give me a death glare
5- slices of INSANELY huge French toast that I gave the side eye to
3- chapters of the Good Omens audiobook listened to
1- ticket to Paris bought (it was too good of a deal to pass up even if I have literally no solid plans yet)
Countless- selfies taken, times I ooohed over the landscape and mountains, cheese and cracker combo’s munched on, time spent marveling over exactly how large and diverse the US can be. 

Here’s the semi-organized breakdown of the posts to come ( with actual photographs vs these iPhone shots) :  Rocky Mountain NP (x2 or 3), Caribou Ghost Town, Denver Museum of Nature and Science (x3, there were just too many amazing exhibits I’d like to share here) , frozen Bear Lake Sunrise, Garden of the Gods, South Fork/Creede, Bachelor Tour Loop, Great Sand Dunes NP (x2) , Ponderosa abandoned structure. 

~ m 

That Cold Mountain Air- Estes Park, Colorado

– first photo taken at Rocky Mountain Natl. Park, second photo at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, third photo in the ghost town of Caribou, just outside Nederland, CO (all iPhone)

Currently writing this from our hotel room in Estes Park while I try and set down the plans for tomorrow a little better. I’m trying something different with this roadtrip, both in the way i’ve been keeping track of everything going on (actually sitting down at the end of the day to write out one page layouts)  and how i’ll be posting about it. So while I don’t think I can blog about events in any kind of real time, i’m gonna try and get these posts out faster than last time at least.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to this part of Colorado that holds the lovely snowcapped Rockies of Rocky Mountain National Park and the interesting cities of Boulder and Denver and head on south to Colorado Springs to hit Garden of the Gods before road tripping on South Fork to huddle ourselves in the welcoming curves of the San Juan Mountains.


Art Journal Monday- When the Road Gives You Lemons

” … you take them with you and don’t let them hold you back for long.” 

I’ll be going on a roadtrip this coming weekend, though I guess compared to my last one, it could hardly be called one. This time we’re headed up to Colorado only, instead of the last coalition of states and national parks that eventually ended with my Jeep a little worse for the wear. It’s doing just fine now of course, though I can’t help but think it’s probably heaving a giant sigh of relief this weeklong vacation will actually be closer to an actual “vacation” than the last adventure.

Or at least thats what i’m saying now.

Apart from a vague list of places i’d like to see and explore in and around the Denver area and a loose handful elsewhere (Trinidad, Great Sand Dunes, Garden of the Gods) , there’s really no set plans for this trip. Which is both par for the course when it comes to me and also terrifying when I think I could end up wasting a week in beautiful Colorado if I don’t plan things out to the last second. Life has a funny way of always messing with my plans though, so maybe for once not having any real ones will be to my benefit.

Either way- wish me luck, good light, halfway decent weather and an abundance of coffee to keep me going.


Monday Interlude- Frisco, Texas

monthly notebooks fablesandcoffee canyonlands art in process fablesandcoffee canyonlands art project in processFablesandcoffee at home

Its been a while hasn’t it?

Between work, plotting out and writing new stories, editing an old one (who says 100,000+ words aren’t fun to re-write?), making travel plans, and in general just trying to get through everyday life in the semblance of a mindful adult, this blog has been shuffled off to the side. If I follow your blog you’ve probably seen me go on liking sprees every so often, so at least i’ve been on here in some form, but my own post have been absent.

That should should hopefully be changing soon though! For one, i’ve got an art project i’ve pretty excited about as it’s a different landscape than I usually work with, inspired by the wonderful Canyonlands National Park in Utah and i’m excited to keep slowly chipping away at it. When it comes to journals and journalling, i’ve picked up the habit of using small ones for each month, as a way to keep goals and plans fresh and present in my mind. My regular art journal has been tucked away for a little bit since I unearthed the travel journal I used on the last trip and have started scribbling in it for future trips (which will be detailed soon…er…maybe). And last but not least in two short week I’ll be up in Colorado for a week long trip that i’m still sorta planning because it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t leave it till the last minute right?

Keeping it real with all the coffee available in North Texas,

~ M

p.s Yes that a Gudetama notebook (in the first pic )that the bf got me for Valentines day because he’s cursed with the kind of girlfriend that wants weird egg things as a show of romantic love. What I also truly very much wanted was a can of Flex SealĀ® (in clear) but I think that would have been a bridge to far for the guy and, I can respect that