What Did The Trees Tell You- Joshua Tree National Park, California

Joshua Tree NP, California fablesandcoffee at Joshua Tree NP, California Joshua Tree NP, California Sunset at Joshua Tree NP, California Joshua Tree NP, California Sunsetting at Joshua Tree NP, California sunset at Joshua Tree NP, California the road through Joshua Tree NP, California

I love watercolour skies, especially above places I might never see again. 

After finishing up our exploration at the Salton Sea and leaving the riot of color that was Salvation mountain, we headed back to Joshua Tree to finish up the day. We didn’t do any of the trails, having been drained by the intense heat of the day but we managed to pack in a good few stops at all the turnouts and scenic spots, over on the Mojave Desert side of the park (near the West Entrance to the park). You know me though, I always leave plenty to do for when I return, so no sad feelings for oppertunities lost.

It was a different kind of place, almost a different park it felt like, than the one we’d left in the morning. Couldn’t quite put my finger on it- maybe it was the fact that there were less people wandering around, making the odd quiet that had descended all that more prominent. There was only the sound of the occasional car and the wind gently blowing warm across the desert landscape out there among the Joshua’s and it was like a dream. I’d love to come back to stay into the night and watch the skies light up with different colors and watch them fade back into daytime again, but even if I don’t get a chance for many years yet, that odd magical twilight time we spent there will tide me over till then.



  1. Paige Wunder · January 2, 2017

    Woooooow! This is an absolutely collection of photos from Joshua Tree. I want to go back so badly – I have learned so much about photography, about how I like to travel and about myself in general that I would LOVE to re-expereince places again!

    • FablesandCoffee · January 3, 2017

      Ooh thank you! I definitely recommend taking a trip back here if you can, I feel it’s that kind of place where every time you go, you experience it in a different way and in general it’s just such a fantastic park :)

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