Courthouse Towers Viewpoint- Arches National Park, Utah

Tower of Babel, Arches National Park
The Organ at Arches National Park
The Three Gossips, Arches National Park

“Tell me of the way the lights splash against the rocks.” 

If I had to pick a favorite rock formation from this viewpoint, it would be the rather awesomely named, The Organ. A close second would be The Tower of Babel. The Three Gossips (and if you can’t guess which one that is just from the name alone I might just need to sign you up for some new glasses) was really fascinating to gaze at from below and reminded me strongly of the Three Sisters I saw at Monument Valley back last March.

Though this section of the park was the one we spent the least amount of time at, I would definitely recommend parking your car and crossing the street from the view point to walk a bit along the Park Avenue trail as 1. it gets you away from the crowd and 2. it provides excellent views of the surrounding monoliths and other interestingly formed geological marvels.

( On a side note, I’ve only got 2 more posts for Arches in the pipeline, after which i’ll be moving on to cover the Canyonlands – Death Valley- Joshua Tree- Salton Sea/Salvation Mountain –  Carlsbad Caverns part of the trip so…if you’ve only been hanging around for more Arches, er bad news I guess. If you’re happy to move on to other interesting places and eventually hear about those wacky adventures, hang tight.)



  1. Paige Wunder · November 2, 2016

    Your photos of Arches just keep blowing my mind. So beautiful! Three gossips was my favorite from this grouping of formations. Great post on a great place! Cheers!

    • FablesandCoffee · November 3, 2016

      Omgosh thank you! And I’m so jazzed to hear you also have a favorite formation there, now I don’t feel like such an utter dork :P

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