Prada Marfa- Marfa, Texas

Prada Marfa, Summertime
Prada, Marfa - South Texas art installation
Prada Marfa Art Installation

When I started out with the planning for this trip, as always, the end result was nothing like what I began with. To start with, my main goal on heading down south was to see the interesting little town of Marfa.
To witness the Marfa Lights
To wander around the Chinati Foundation’s varied collection of art installations
Perhaps to even stay at the delightfully unique El Cosmico

Visiting Big Bend Natl. Park was an afterthought in regards to these other things I was more interested. ‘Till I began talking to friends about the trip…and they in turn gushed about their great interesting hiking and exploring the park, nevermind some random town that lies beyond it’s borders. And so I started reading up on Big Bend more and in the end it ended up being a trip that focused almost exclusively on the park and nothing else. With one exception that is, the prickly art installation that is Prada Marfa.
(one of my favorite articles on this is here )

Say what you will about it and what it means and what it will mean- there is something so surreal and bizarre and yet so utterly “Texas” about coming upon this place amid the endless road that leads you back towards the north on US-90 (and actually found just outside the teensy town of Valentine, not Marfa). It’s customary to take a photo of yourself in front of this building, but the only image of me visible in any of these photos is in the reflection on the windows inside the “store” and I don’t think anything is more appropriate for a places I almost left behind in the dust. I will be back to Marfa to soley see all those things I wanted to see before the desert climate of Big Bend seduced me over to its side but, this place will survive in my memory as a once and only sort of visit.


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