Chisos Mountains, Oasis and Bears- Big Bend Natl. Park, Texas

Chisos Mountains, Big Bend Chisos mountains, Texas
Road to the basin, Big Bend Natl. park

After eating dust for what felt like most of the afternoon driving through rough terrain on Glenn Spring Rd, getting back onto the paved highway almost brought tears of joy to me and the bf’s eyes. Of course, we’d barely been on the road for 5 minutes before he was pulling over for me to get out and repeat my love affair with the blazing hot winds just to photograph the surrounding landscape.

The park is, for the most part, a study in brown. It moves from the lightest of browns that you could almost pin towards white, to the farthest tips on the horizon that blur into shadows of black. But driving towards the Chisos Basin, our eyes were immediately inundated in a splendor of green, that lush and verdantly brilliant sign of life.

Perhaps thats why the bears that inhabit this park call solely this area home. I guess if I was going to pick a place to settle in, it would make sense to pick here. Not 5 minutes away from the visitor center, we were on the road and noticed that just up ahead the car in front of us had slowed down and had it’s hazards turned on….but the truly odd thing was the girl with her phone sticking out of the passenger side window. We held back a ways away till they drove off and then continued on, at which point I looked over to see what it had been that had so captured these peoples attentions and there just a few dozen feet down the side of the road, a bear.

I don’t think i’ve mentioned this before, I doubt i’ve had a reason to but- i’m really outrageously terrified of bears. It’s not a phobia, not does it come from some traumatic event, I just really think bears are rather scary predators and I would much rather swim with sharks than go camping with bears. So you can imagine my great joy seeing that bear just hanging out 3 minuets away from the parking lot of the visitor center. To the people camping in that area, I greatly admire your acceptance of mortality, I probably have to work on that a bit more.



  1. denisebushphoto · August 3, 2016

    Wonderful clouds and captures!

    • FablesandCoffee · August 3, 2016

      Thank you! :)

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