Mule Ears and The East River Road- Big Bend Natl. Park

Mule Ears view point, Big Bend Natl. park river road, east- big bend national park

Of all the things i’ve found a hard time explaining about my visit to Big Bend, finding a way to accurately describe the heat we experienced is probably up there in the Top 5. Of course, there’s a reason we encountered barely anyone while traipsing from Mule Ears view point (seen in the first 5 photos up above) to hours later when we (ok ok, this was solely my decision and more on that later) took our lives in our hands to travel down the dirt road that is the East River Road. And that reason would be that more sane-minded people realized how incredibly hot it would be in a desert environment park in the southern part of Texas at the end of June.

By the time we hit this part in our road adventure, temperatures were hitting a nice 109°f/42°c and winds were picking up to a violent fervor, making it a special kind of hellish. After my second time stepping out of the car to get a good shot and being buffeted by scorching winds that literally took my breath away in a rather painful way, I did the only rational thing you could expect me to do. I stripped down to my tank top, sprayed on some more sunscreen, wrapped a long sheer scarf around my head and face and- got right back to photographing the landscape. The goal of taking the river road (and trust me, I will expound later on why exactly a goal was needed to keep motivated while traversing this rock riddled suggestion of what a road should be) was to make it to the abandoned Mariscal Mine area. There’s a terrifyingly raw and visually arresting kind of beauty to be found just making your way down this road though, even with no eventual goal in mind.


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