Art Journal Monday- From The Road

maps and art journals
roadtrip art journal page
travel art journal
maps and art journal pages
Grand Canyon Sketch, Art journal
Roadtrip art journal

These pages were done while huddled in a car going 85 mph down a darkening highway, sitting on the rough blanket of a motel while sleep tugged at my eyes, at the table of a very not-so-great restaurant while sunlight streamed through the glass ceilings and finished up while sprawled on my office floor, maps and brochures scattered around me.

I still have my primary art journal to finish but this one…I can’t even tell you what prompted me to stuff this brand new journal into my suitcase instead of my usual one, except maybe i’m a sucker for blank pages and the cute little compass rose embossed on the cover couldn’t have been more cliche-perfect for a roadtripper like me. It was lovely to have new, perfectly clean pages to work on though, like a open map in front of me just begging for an adventure to be picked out, a route to be highlighted. Maybe this will be the one I take with me on whenever I renew my Texas adventures….I don’t know yet, we’ll see.

Song on Repeat:
The FearBen Howard

( Currently tired to the bone, haven’t yet even made the effort to edit a single photograph and while my hands itch to start type-type-typing out things for stories i’ve shined to a polish in my mind, i’m just taking it easy this week. I go back to work tomorrow and I don’t know if i’m quite ready to throw off that restless feeling of being on the road, the whole country laid out as a possibility and nothing to stop you from just driving till you can’t anymore. I’ll be exchanging my mudcaked shoes for sensible flats, my ripped and dirty jeans for bookish trousers and pushing up my glassed on my face not to get a better view at the vista laid out in front of me but to analyze numbers and dosages again. But….I think i’ll be ok and honestly, being back home isn’t the worst feeling, especially not when I burrow into my couch and queue up some episodes of X Files to watch with the boyfriend, thats a pretty great cozy feeling actually.)

Not drowning in my coffee cups yet,



  1. Bella Fredericks · March 9, 2016

    I love this, the photos are amazing

    • FablesandCoffee · March 10, 2016

      Thank you kindly! :D

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