Art Journal Monday- And Maybe He Has Fallen

art journal, the saints and the angelsart journal, mixed media


Lately it seems i’m been intoxicated by the idea of the would be saints and martyrs that never made it to the holy stage of their journey, the boy-kings felled before their golden age could come about, the cities left in ruins with only the memory of their greatness left in the cracks of their stones.


and maybe he has journal pages but I swear that so have journal pages

I know I don’t really talk about it but I really rather enjoy history. I enjoy listening to hour long history lectures on grand overviews of world affecting turmoils and dipping my toes in the flurry eddies of short podcasts that delve into oddly specific events and moments in time that were never covered in history classes. Plenty of my friends have this idea of “history” as that snore-fest inducing period they had to endure in high school, and I can’t say I had much fun either (pretty sure I skipped more history classes than I ever attended). But there is this intoxicating richness that lies in even the most boring of history textbooks that I could never ignore, that questions of “well, what happened after that then?” or better yet, ” ok, but what if this had happened instead?

art journal monday, art journal pages

Anyways, before I go off about the un-mutable spirit of mankind and how gladly every age seems to march inexorably towards destruction and ruin with a spirt unbroken, i’m gonna end this here, cause who really wants that?

On a more cheery note, this Friday i’m leaving good ole’ Texas for a 10 day roadtrip with the boyfriend to the following line-up of fantastic locations: The Grand Canyon, Zion National Park,  Bryce Canyon and Santa Fe. Basically, i’m gonna go look at breathtaking landscapes that boggle the mind and then spend the last half of the trip finding tasty foods to indulge in while I wave year 24 of my life goodbye and ring in a quarter century of life. Should hopefully be fun and not end up with me regretting my life choices.

here’s to a quarter century more,


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