The White Queen- Art Journal Tuesday 

I’ve spent this last week wondering what this year is going to be like. The past year, according to the common concensus that i’ve seen from all the time I spent on tumblr, just pretty much tried to kill everyone. And I can’t even argue with that, 2015 was rough- to the extreme. I don’t know anyone who didn’t come out of it without a few scars or mental breakdowns, myself included.

So, 2016, what will you bring?

art journal monday, the white queen

For me, last year was the time span where I changed jobs 3 times, finished my first novel, bought a house with the bf, lost touch with literally all of my friends, bought my first new car, developed an obsession with fancy trousers and silk scarves, and thats just the stuff I can remember.

2015 was the year for growing up it seems, and while I don’t think I particularly did a fantastic job with that, I think I did enough that I can spend this year doing the things I love.
Like traveling.

Gods I miss traveling. From that first whirl wind brush of an idea of where you’d like to go to the almost stressful part of planning it out to even just the packing part of it. I miss the little roadtrips I used to take to random towns all over North Texas, finding weird little places like the Futuro House or the odd hidden gothic trees in the water just outside Rowlett.

a lovely addiction, art journal monday

Winter weather is something fiercely ugly here in Texas though, and I can’t quite motivate myself to go out and find the beauty or even just the strangeness out there, at least not yet. I am however, planning a roadtrip for my birthday in March. Currently the plan is….New Mexico, most probably to Santa Fe. My first ever roadtrip was about 3 years ago or so, to Santa Fe and I think it would be cool to do it again when I have more time, a new car that can better handle the distance and more importantly, a bit more spare cash to have more ill advised adventures with.
(Well, I did say I hadn’t quite mastered that adult thing yet yeah?)

the white queen

Songs on repeat this past week:

I Know You Are But What Am I?– Mogwai
Dead Reckoning- Clint Mansell
Für Alina– Arvo Pärt
Mountains- Hans Zimmer
Hold Me Down- Halsey
Afraid- The Neighborhood

Not drowning in my coffee cups yet,


  1. kinuofkikeara · January 13, 2016

    So glad to see that you are inspired to get back on the road! I got a chance to see a lot of Texas through your blog and I appreciate that so much since I am all of 45 frikkin years old and have never left the East Coast! (I know…I know…Don’t bother …I already know I suck :( ) This year however, I plan to travel “semi-cross-country” from South Carolina to Vegas. I would like to chronicle the whole trip taking one way there and an alternate route back. Wish me luck!

    • FablesandCoffee · January 14, 2016

      Heya! Thank you, it feels amazing to finally be making travel plans again, hopefully I can also start posting from travels here in Texas as well ( got a couple of places in mind to visit this month actually….). Also, there’s nothing wrong with not having traveled yet, all that matters if your have the passion to do it now! I know so many people who are older than 45 who could comfortably travel but they just don’t want to, and I think those people are the boring ones :P Your road trip sounds fantastic btw! I can’t remember if I follow your blog or not (I’m on my phone at work right now) but I’m definitely gonna go double check that so I can follow any updates :) I wish you all the luck in the world!!

  2. Can Do! · January 14, 2016

    this reads like a 45 year old person trying to relate to them youngsters, it’s nice to see you’ve connected to your true self bb. also post excerpts from your novel pls pls pretty pls with sugar on top


    • FablesandCoffee · January 14, 2016

      Some days I feel like a 60yr old wondering what are all these newfangled slang terms the kids are using and someways I’m a child that can’t even figure out how to load the dishwasher properly. Just depends on the day I think :) as for the excerpts, gotta figure out an interesting way to post those to make people want to read more, soon hopefully?
      Wishing you a most lovely day!

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