An Upheaval, Bring The Paper Boats- Thoughts on Inspiration

paper boats, we float

“Even paper boats float, given enough faith.” 

What brings you inspiration? That seems to be the most commonly tossed question at artists/artistically minded people. And sometimes people have intricately lovely answers, something they can point to with consistency. The love of their family perhaps, the landscape of their homeland, their own personal scars and memories. These kinds of slow burn inspiration points that propel like a gentle wind towards more and more and more. 

Hello! says the hand drawn dinosaur hi-fructose and vogue Given the inspiration, whats yours?

Other times it seems to be constantly fluctuating mediums like music, movies, books, theater and other forms of art all around, old or new.Taking from one to give to the other, being inspired by art of all kinds all around, it’s a commonly sited point of inspiration for so many kinds of artists and performers, and of course that makes sense. No man is an island after all, most especially not creatives.

Perhaps more volatile ever changing things as well, like current political climates and world events, the fervor that bites beneath each and every major city all around the world, these as well can be seen as the key ignition in so many works. Gigantic space and time, the smaller bites of life joined with the unending past and sewn in with the ever expanding future, so many things big or small and what a question to try and answer no?

The Winter Soldier, hot toys action figure re-doing the art presets

“What inspires you.” 

You might as well ask someone why they go on living each day, really, because you’d probably get about the same answer either way. Either a passionate response…or the shrug of a shoulder.

little paper boats, fashion magazine pages my work station, ms fablesandcoffee

The things that inspire me fade and change with time, they burn into my eyes and lungs with an energy I can’t deny till that energy is spent and i’ve moved on towards other things that will create that maddening midnight addition under my skin again to create-create-create and the only thing I can tell you with certainty about any of the things that have and will inspire me is that they can come from anywhere and combine to create anything, abstract and concrete alike :

historical lectures on wandering marauders- a single line of poetry caught in a flash scrawled across a private notebook-the way a stranger looked hunched over their phone like their life had just been splintered in half- a particularly great episode of a usually mediocre tv show- the way it felt to get your heart broken at 16 and think you would never recover- tasting real hot buttered southern style biscuits for the first time at 3am in the backseat of a speeding car- the architecture magazine picked up on a whim- that novel currently sitting at #1 on the NYT bestseller list that is so very cliche but damn if it isn’t compelling- that one thing that happens all the time at your day job that happens only to you and you want to explain it to the world- that song you put on repeat for hours on end trying to fall into that feeling over and over- the feeling of helplessness watching the news roll in at night and knowing your breath is a priceless gift given freely today- the wild windswept landscape that i’ll never again see again with my own eyes but my mind will always remember- the taste of blood when biting back angry words- the flash in the sky that inspires you to think of other worlds, other galaxies, infinite space and infinite possibilities….

What inspires you? Can’t help but think there should be no easy answer to that.



  1. That Girl. · November 15, 2015

    Beautiful photos 😊

    • FablesandCoffee · November 15, 2015

      Thank you bunches! :)

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