I’ve Fallen Out Of Favor With The Muses- Frisco, Texas

Sun warmed skin and jeans

” They say Kings die like other men “

And so November is here and well started, and no one is more surprised than I at how this past month has run away with time like the spoon with the fork towards the moon. I’ve spent the last month relearning myself in the context of other people, integrating myself somewhat amicably at my new job, learning what it truly means to work in the corporate world for the first time in ever and watching the sun set in brilliant splendor against the tall windows of the business park that rises right outside the windows by my desk that are always kept open and un-shuttered.

I’m….content, I think the word is.

sun flares, photography texas

I’m constantly challenged every day with this new job, which is what sold me on taking it in the first place but I had thought perhaps when I was told “oh definitely, this job will challenge you” that maybe it was just what they said to convince me to sign on. (It’s always nice when you realize your supervisors didn’t lie to you no?) I work for the specialty pharmacy/pharmaceuticals branch under the umbrella of a much larger global health care solutions/manufacturing company and while that all sounds like something out of Resident Evil or just a slew of boring corporate jargon, I like what I do and I get paid well to do it and while this isn’t quite the same as living life artistically and wildly as I did just a little over a year ago… don’t write that part of me off just yet yeah? I’ve still got dreams of mountains pouring themselves down my cerebral cortex nonstop, playlists of music for the forgotten daughters of kings playing loudly on my morning commute and colors still overflow like a mess of spilled yarn wherever I go, even if now it’s just in my corporate appropriate wardrobe.

blue sun flares, texas photographysun flares on a lazy day

The muses might have fallen asleep in the backseat of my car for a good chunk of the past month but i’m feeling like they’ll be waking up soon enough.

Sleepy days, open windows

Music on Replay (links in the song titles): 

Mad Rush– Philip Glass
Coward- Hayden Calnin
Something About You– ODESZA remix Hayden James
Song For Jesse– Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
The Rocket Builder (Io Pan!)- Jóhann Jóhannsson
Railroad Track– Willy Moon
Mojo Fix– Martin Harley
Sergio Leone Suite: Ecstasy of Gold– Yo-Yo Ma (Ennio Morricone)
Experience– Ludovico Einaudi

Not drowning in my coffee cups yet,

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