Hans Zimmer and Inspiration

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You know whats great for inspiration? To get you right out of the unfortunate dumps?

Hans Zimmer.

Seriously. At least for me, the best thing to do when my brains rotting from lackluster ideas and seeping slowly towards decay, that’s when I plunk myself down and blast some heavenly Zimmer tracks. That well known Pirates of the Caribbean theme song is great for engendering an “I can conquer empires!” feeling, while anything from Interstellar is fantastic for crushing your heart to dust and then reviving it towards greater emotion. Want something a little moodier but still inspiring? A track from The Dark Knight Rises would be what you’re looking for perhaps, though the Man of Steel score can capture your lungs in it’s fists and punch them towards the skies just as well. And of course, lets not forget most anything from Inception, though most especially Time, that heart-achingly beautiful triumph of the human spirit that starts like a sunrise in your veins and tears itself out as a cry from your mouth.

My most favorite tracks to dive my mind under, the tones that always bring me back to the light when things are just a little too dark and vulnerable, would be the last three songs from GladiatorElysium, Honor Him and Now We Are Free .There’s something about all three in succession that just grips me and raises me the depths of any perdition.

AC/DC, the Backstreet Boys, Eric Clapton, Beyoncé, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Crystal Fighters, M83, U2, Daft Punk, Florence + the Machine, these are some of the great artists that I find myself turning to when I need a bit of a boost to my mood, a jumpstart to my day- but when in the true dumps of things, Hans Zimmer is what I fall to so I can be shattered and remade again in better form.

Favorite tracks:

Where We’re Going- Interstellar Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
One Day- Pirates of the Caribbean: At World End
Strength and Honor- Gladiator, Music From The Motion Picture
Look To The Stars- Man Of Steel, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Rise- The Dark Knight Rises
Time- Inception (Music From The Motion Picture)
Elysium- Gladiator, Music From The Motion Picture
Mountains- Interstellar Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Not drowning in my coffee cups yet,


  1. Erin Waldie · July 29, 2015

    I love all the tracks you mention. I always put on Hans when I ‘m working :) nothing like Dark Knight to help me finish my illustration. Great post.

    • FablesandCoffee · July 29, 2015

      Thank you!
      I never thought to listen to the Dark Knight while doing artsy things but I might just have to try it soon :D

  2. Juliette Chartrand · July 29, 2015

    Someone else who loves Hans Zimmer as much as I do! The best things I have written have been to his tracks and I can’t get started on how I feel when “Time” comes on. Great post, love the pictures!

    • FablesandCoffee · July 29, 2015

      Thank you thank you and three cheers for Hans Zimmer!
      Time is just one of the best things in existence honestly, and I feel deeply for anyone who’s never listened to it :)

  3. ComaDiary · July 29, 2015

    oooo, I did not know Hans Zimmer had created all of these, the only song I knew of his was “Alex on The Spot” from Madagascar….. beautiful pictures and now off to listen too :)

    • FablesandCoffee · July 29, 2015

      Yessssss, please listen to some of those songs!
      (this is me dragging you into the light and darkness of his music muahahha)
      No but really, I hope you find some inspiration and beauty in his work and if I had to guess I would say I think you’d love Mountains the best, it’s razor sharp in soul-clawing way :)

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