God Still Stalks Us- Futuro House, TX-276

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Usually, when I go a-wandering down these Texas highways, I don’t have a real destination in mind. I’ll pull up a google map search of all the areas here in Northern Texas and go with a gut feeling as to what direction i’ll head in. I challenge myself ,where ever I end up in, to find the beauty. Whether that means admiring the rust and trash debris scattered in the remains of an overlooked places like Canon and Tioga, wandering the back alleys and marveling at quirky lushness like in Caddo Mills or just basking in the colors of the sky and old cars like in Pilot Point and Sherman, I try and never fail to find the wonder out there.

This time was slightly different, because I knew what I wanted to encounter out on TX-276, just past Rowlett and headed towards Royce City.

I was looking for the Futuro House, and out there on that one lane highway, with fields and old houses taking up space with the endless sky, I found it. Deserted and filled to bursting with color and light, it welcomed me inside it’s belly and I marveled at the spill of life inside.

God walks on these Texas highways, in more ways than one, and he resides deeply in that run down little makeshift house. I’m not religious, in any way that counts, but you don’t have to be to get the feeling of his influence in the minds of those who colored up the inside panels of this place with graffiti. Sure,there’s curse words and mentions of sex all over, but religion resides there too, with bible verse numbers scrawled next to more mentions of the word “soul” than I’ve ever seen in one single place before.

With the golden fields lighting up in the sun outside the glassless windows and cars speeding on by to more important places, I sat there in the middle of that space and basked in that almost intoxicating scent gently breezing in, of gasoline and dry Texas air, and thought about all the people who’d ever done the same before me and who would come after I was long gone.

a cont. in Part 2 (Details) coming soon



Not Drowning In My Coffee Cups Yet- Providence, Texas

Purple Loft area with Books Green Slytherin Paint Knickknacks in the room My Books, in the Loft

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything on here.
And… I regret that,for a lot of reasons but mostly because… there’s been a lot going on, and without the motivation to post about it on here, I haven’t really felt like i’ve been as aware of my surroundings as I usually am. The way my hands itch for the feel of a shutter button pressing down when I catch a glimpse of something quick and beautiful or the way my thoughts rapidly compose words for how to best describe some non-sensical idea, it’s been severly lacking these past few weeks, without the motivation to put everything together into something that makes sense, like a post on here.

Of course, the blame also goes to being so utterly fucking exhausted from moving into the new house and unpacking everything, not to mention dealing with painting about 80% of it’s interior. Who thought buying a two story house was a good idea? This girl, thats who, because apparently I make the oddest life choices.

Anyways, for anyone who reads this still, and just for my own pleasure of mind, I’m well and alive, better than I was last month even, somehow. My sleeping schedule finally thunked itself into order, and 4am tumblr scrolling has become a distant memory, something I couldn’t be more grateful for, considering my insomnia is something i’ve been battling for almost a year now. I’m still picking up the pieces of all the friendships that I selfishly placed on the back burner since last November, but coming up the second half of this year, i’m not feeling my usual melancholy self and with a really odd southern-gothic music playing on repeat in my ears constantly, i’m getting….somewhere.

I don’t even know what i’m trying to say here honestly, but hey, at least I can say regularly scheduled posting is coming back and isn’t that something? ¬†And with that will come more talks about this insanely gorgeously house me and the bf bought, posts about the short roadtrip we took to Arkansas that somehow took us through a good chunk of Missouri as well and how insanely cool that whole thing was, no matter how much it freakin rained, and the usual posts about Texas and it’s hidden spots.

Also, prepare for some Vulcan-inspired mountains, my art got really weird there for a bit…

Not drowning in my coffee yet,

P.S yes, my office/artstudyroom walls ARE the colors of Slytherin house, represent yeah?