That Southern Gothic Feel- Trees In The Water

Far From Any Road, fablesandcoffee Texas
the colors of the dead trees fablesandcoffee, texas photography
Rowlett photography

Tree in the marshes

Trees in the Water, fablesandcoffee
Texas landscape photography, fablesandcoffee
Ducks in the lack, Rowlett
dead in the water, texas

Where does it come from, this longing I have to dip and tiptoe through drowned marshes under highway overpasses?
You could blame it on the imagery used so lusciously throughout the first season of True Detective. If you wanted to take it further back, you could go and pin it on fine-art photographer Richard Misrach. Or simple blame me and my continuous binging of southern-gothic flavored music, that instinct to listen to Johnny Cash while driving dusty Texas roads, trailer parks and abandoned cowboy towns littering the landscape.

Either way it ends with me digging my hands into the dry, cracked cement of an unused bridge to pull myself up onto it, so I can get a better view across. It ends with me breathing in the singular scent of earthy green and marshy water and listening to the sound of my feet squishing into none-too solid ground the cars in the near distance almost a world away.

It’s beautiful out here.

to help get you into that feel,


  1. Tieme · June 30, 2015

    Some gorgeous photos! I especially love the first one! Must be a nice place to hike, but shame for the bottle in the 10th photo!

    Nice post-processing too :)

    Thank you for sharing and warm regards,

    • FablesandCoffee · June 30, 2015

      Thank you!
      Ah yes, mostly the only people who go there are people who fish in the marsh waters and people like me (who just like exploring odd places) so a bit of litter is to be expected, unfortunately. It was still a lovely place though! :)

      • Tieme · July 12, 2015

        Sorry for the late reply! Life has been hectic on a professional level.

        It indeed is unfortunate that we leave so much litter. As a famous quote in photography sounds: “Take nothing, but pictures. Leave nothing, but foot prints.”

        Hope you enjoy your weekend!


  2. ComaDiary · July 1, 2015

    Reading your words and seeing your pictures makes me feel like I’m there and experiencing it and everything is beautiful and still :)

    • FablesandCoffee · July 1, 2015

      It’s an odd feeling for sure but…Texas has a really beautiful gothic feel that I don’t think people talk about enough. So, that’s where I come in now :P

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