Outtakes from Almost Forgotten Project- Northern Texas

Tioga, Texas

Tioga Fire Department

Van Alstyne, Texas

Van Alstyne Stormy Streets

Funky Monkey, Sherman

Outside Rockwall, Courthouse

Lets Fall, Sherman Texas

Sometimes you go out to explore, take photographs and document…and then come back home and realize there’s a few photos that just don’t…fit. No matter how you shuffle the order, they’re always going to stick out like sore thumbs, so you stick them in an unused folder and forget about them until you’re editing another batch and you find more that doesn’t fit. And then you end up with an album full of photos you really like, but won’t fit anywhere, so you put them all together and hope against hope they make some kind of sense.

These are from my “Almost Forgotten” project, where i’ve been exploring and photographing some small towns and forgotten areas here in Northern Texas. I usually pick the towns randomly, either by driving through them on the way to somewhere else, or by just pointing a finger at a map and saying, “here, lets go here.” The next couple of sets that i’ll be posting though, they’re actually places I set out to explore and document, place I didn’t so much stumble upon as I drove there with full intent to discover.

Summers coming to Texas, and with that, the hell’s armpit kind of heat that tends to almost burn roads to molten lava and boil sweat on the skin, so i’m not sure exactly how much exploring i’ll still be doing then, but for now i’ll take advantage of the cool weather to get out there and explore these places you never see on brochures but are nevertheless interesting in their own ways.



  1. ComaDiary · May 2, 2015

    Hi, I love all these and you make me really want to visit Texas and these strange little places of nowhere :)

    • FablesandCoffee · May 3, 2015

      Texas ( and the US in general I wager) is just bursting with these places, you should definitely visit one day :D

  2. Lana · June 21, 2015

    Abandoned (or almost abandoned) towns and villages are pretty rare in the UK. I guess it’s a space thing- we can’t really afford to let places decay when we’re such a tiny island :)

    • FablesandCoffee · June 22, 2015

      I’ve been told the very same thing by another blogger from the UK, which is both part heartening and saddening. On the one hand, space should be used and reinvented, instead of just being left behind to decay while people move on to bigger and better BUT on the other hand…gods do I love me a good abandoned town, and how cool would it be to see one in a British setting? I guess i’ll content myself with crying over segments of Hadrien’s Wall instead, if I ever make it over there :P

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