When The Day Is Done- Flowers and Prose

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Reawakenings come slowly, but they do come …

I’ve taken a bit of a break from my art journal these past 2 weeks (wow, wait really? I just realized it’s literally been 2 weeks since I’ve picked it up…alright then ), not because of anything really just… the usual February slump that comes around this time of year, always. I think it hits me a little worse than most people, that feeling of “jeez, this new year is really not going how I wanted it to…” because right after February comes to a close, I turn a year older. Not that I hate my birthday, it’s just that extra mark down in the years that you thought you’d have done certain things by this point (like get that tattoo, see Norwegian peaks or eat a whole box of Cap’t Crunch in one sitting) .

Also, I spent the last two weeks listening to Nick Drake on and off again and let me tell you, if you don’t feel at least slightly maudlin before, you’ll be more than halfway there after a couple of tracks. It’s a loveliness that wraps itself in tender tendrils that can be very hard to escape.

I decided to kick myself at least partially out of this slight slump though, by spending a sunny winter Sunday afternoon with my father, digging our hands into moist soil and repotting some flowers I had bought. I wanted a little more life inside my apartment and making that extra time before I leave for work to make sure the sun has a chance to fall on some buds, as well as checking in on them while I sketch at night, it’s been a kinda wonderful sort of thing. So i’m battling it out with the rest of this month, and while i’m sure i’ll get to March with some bumps and bruises, as long as I get there, it’s all good.



  1. Erin · February 18, 2015

    I think you’re aware that I too am feeling that February slump. But thank you for the lovely comment you left and also, keep going! I love your art journal posts, and I love your blog.

    • FablesandCoffee · February 18, 2015

      We should make a club called ” Anti-February Slump” and get matching grey tshirts xD and your welcome! This month is gonna end no matter what so, let’s hold on to that :)

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