Art Journal Monday- Take Me Home

Take me home, fablesandcoffee art journal
plane tickets art journal pages
virgin airlines, lets go and take me home
jackalope and art journals
polka dots and ticket stubs art journal page
Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset
art journal pages for december
watercolor practise
artjournal mountains

in the dark, this page
Pauls montana gift

Man, I was not feeling the art this weekend. Don’t know why, inspiration was just not there, but I still wanted to push myself to get past it and here we are. It’s cool if you’re not feelin’ it because let me tell you, after doing these pages I just laid my head down on my desk for a good bit and thought about eating gelato. I tried to jump start my mind with music, but I kept going through weird moods and jumping from Beyoncé to “best of” lists on Spotify to study music mixes on 8-tracks. I finally settled on Daughter, which seems to be my default music soundscape….and i’m not actually sure what that says about me.

When I go into work and they ask me what I did over the weekend,my answer will be “Bought clothes and productivity apps while sporting my new Sloth Parachuting super extra large t-shirt. It’s huge but I love it, you know, so comfy…….how about you?” I think it’s obvious i’m the awkward co-worker who brings her own coffee so she doesn’t have to make smalltalk at the coffee bars.

Songs on repeat this past week
Born To Die- Lana Del Ray
Weekend- VÉRITÉ
XO- Beyonce
Drift- Galimatias
Youth- The Crookes
Samson- Regina Spector
Ne me quitte pas- Jacques Brel

Lets end this year with a bang. Or in my case, lets end it in a small sugar-induced coma.


  1. ComaDiary · December 30, 2014

    I’m the awkward colleague that puts her foot in it, repeatedly. NO SHAME.
    Also, I do love these pages, even if they were difficult for you.

  2. ephemeral gecko · January 1, 2015

    Lovely style. I hate that art-void headspace, i got stuck in that for weeks last year, finally it seems to have lifted. Such a relief! Happy new year to you X

    • FablesandCoffee · January 1, 2015

      Thank you bunches! Art-void headspace, what a perfect way to put it hmmm….but yes, it’s the worst :/ I’m glad you’re no longer stuck in that place either, hopefully we can both avoid it this coming year :)
      Hope you have a great one!

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