Art Journal Monday- From Texas, With Love

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I think i’ve mentioned this before, but did you know, i’m not actually a Texas native? I’ve lived here in Northern Texas for about 4 years now, which any true Texan will till you “ain’t nothing“, a sentiment i’ll agree with in a heartbeat. My roots lie in NYC, Brooklyn to be exact (though the Bronx was where I spent a good chunk of my screaming childhood years) and my real formative years were sown in NorCal. After all this time though, Texas isn’t something i’m going to be able to just shake off whenever I move on, “ ya’ll ” being stuck true and deep into my lexicon. I don’t mind though, as much as the idea of living in Texas would have seemed absurd to me 10 years ago, the idea of one day saying goodbye to these wide open spaces fills me with a pang of quiet worry. But i’ll cross that bridge when I come to it yeah?

Music on repeat this week:
Service Bell– Grizzly Bear
In This Shirt– The Irrepressibles
I’m Gonna Be(500 Miles)– Sleeping At Last (cover)
Make You Feel– Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Santa Fe– RENT
Is there a Ghost– Band of Horses

And where where might you be from, stranger?



  1. ComaDiary · December 9, 2014

    don’t ask about secrets you don’t want to know, that is just my life. Like totally my life. I love it.

    • FablesandCoffee · December 9, 2014

      Mostly you just wish you could hand out cards to your friends/loved ones/ strangers that say ” if you dont want to know, dont ask”, it would make everything so much easier no? :p

      • ComaDiary · December 9, 2014

        I might just make them, or badges! That’s a great idea.

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