Where This Will Take Us- Trinidad, Colorado (the last part)

This view this view Trails in the sky Don't Walk, Colorado Up we go A street alight West THeater was lovely, open one day Hidden parts, trinidad Colorado Twin Doors, Trinidad Colorado The bricks here, Trinidad Colorado This is the Place- Trinidad Colorado I want this sky Main street at dawn The lights over the stationFlowers and slight nostalgia

               So you got in my veins and I never invited you inside. 

Trinidad, Colorado is important for many upon many of reason. For about 9,000 it’s home, for others it’s that first real stop before heading deeper into Colorado’s mountains, and for me it was the re-awakening of exploration. After coming back home from my May trip ( covered to exhaustion here ) I was a bit bone tired of adventure. Wanderlust had taken a backseat to figuring out my life and getting stuff together in some kind of semblance of adulthood. Friendships had begun to strain and show cracks in the face of my terrible time management skills and basically, the idea of travel and more importantly, the joy of exploring, was buried under 10 feet of reality.

For people who don’t live wanderlust 24/7, who don’t hold jobs where their love of exploration quakes the land, where the thought of waking up and going off to seek adventure is more an idle fantasy than a solid reality, losing the part of yourself that seeks discovery can be a loss that isn’t noticed till it’s too late. I’ll be the first to say, that at least for this part of my life, i’m not ready to hit the road and live a life of nonstop travel.  I love my couch, my local Chipotle, the way my laptop connects to the wifi automatically at home, and the fact that after a particularly grueling day at work I can climb into my empty bathtub in my pjs and just scroll endlessly on Tumblr without feeling like i’m wasting precious time. So, endless travel is not in the cards for me.

(Not yet. Maybe. I mean, we’ll see? Ahem.. anyways…) 

The goal behind going to Colorado was to see mountains, to climb mountains, to breathe in the mountain air and basically did I mention mountains? But making the decision to explore this town, instead of just gassing up before heading towards our destination, it was the first step towards getting my curiosity back, my love for exploring and discovering and just always taking that side road to nowhere in particular. After we came back from the trip, even with my hard-drive crumbling under the weight of all the photos I had taken, I set out to keep exploring, even if there are no mountains to see here in Texas. I’ve taken to exploring the farmroads that lead to battered and windswept barns, finding the beauty in crumbling brick buildings that occupy towns hard to find on the map, and taking in the expansive beauty that a Texas skyline can provide at sunset.

I might not be a great photographer, but I think i’m learning to show what I see and how I see it in the way I can focus my lens.


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