Tuesday Sketch Stuff- No Monster In The Dark

Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset
mountains, mountains, sketch
mountains and topography drawing
I am no Monster in the Dark, Sketch
i love with Wanderlust, rough sketch
Cityscape watecolor idea
Color study, colored pencils
fablesandcoffee stickers idea sketch
Fablesandcoffee stickers idea
colors and kindness stickersNo Art Journal Monday this week, apologies to anyone who actually looks forward to those ( hello random stranger, you’re looking especially great today!) but I spent the weekend preparing for an interview, trying to get my sleeping schedule back on form by staying up all night and day minus-ill-advised-3-hour-nap, working on my book outlines and getting caught up with my penpals. I did miss it though, and I can say that Art-J Mondays will be back next week with vigor.

(Or at least with  more coffee?)

I have been drawing a lot though, the thoughts of mountains forever rising behind my eyelids and pouring ideas of them through my fingertips. Also been working on a sticker series, based on the idea of RAK’s (Random Acts of Kindness), just positive thoughts kind of quotes and words to leave around the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area or to send to friends who can scatter them in their own cities. I’ve still to break open and scatter colors everywhere with my new watercolor set but I HAVE at least been working on ideas for what to eventually get around to coloring. Mountains might be in my dreams but city skylines are in the blood that rushes through my veins.

Music on repeat this past week:
Crazy in Love- Kadebostany
Warm (feat. Raury)- the neighborhood
Animal- Racing Glaciers
Daze- Poets of the Fall (a Russian penpal sent me his cover of this and it was epic )
Tesselate- Tokyo Police Club

On a final note, does anyone else hate the “So, tell me a little about yourself?” question in interviews as much as i’ve come to?



  1. ComaDiarye · November 19, 2014

    Tell me a little about yourself is the worst question ever, it’s awful!
    I really like these circles and typography pieces.

    • FablesandCoffee · November 19, 2014

      Gods I know right? Usually when I get asked that question I really just want to say “oh come on now, just ask me what you want to know” but that wouldn’t be very professional XD
      More to come soooooon!!

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