A Castle In Connecticut- A Last Minute Adventure

the Stones in this castle
Gillette Caste, Connecticut
The bells and whistles
Empty chairs at empty tables
Gillette Caste, amid the green
Gillette Castle, CT
Gillete Castle details

Gillette Caste, CT
Gillette Caste State Park

Architectural details in CT
Gillette Castle State Park
Connecticut landscape
Kat is lovely
Sherlock Holmes, William Gillette
Miss Fables and Coffee
Sally, our trusty sidekick

( Following the really late posting i’ve been doing about the adventures me and my good friend Kat had back at the end of May. Being a Norwegian goddess, it was her first time here in the USA and we decided to take an epic 10 day trip all over the east coast to make the most of it. We started our time in New York City after which we took a bus to Boston where we rented a car that was utterly disproportionate to our needs and proceeded to take a 5 day roadtrip around the states. We drove it into the foggy wildlands of Maine, tumbled it up in the mountains of New Hampshire, revved it down the highways of Vermont, got bogged down in the insanity of Connecticut traffic, splashed along the shores of Rhode Island, before aiming it back to Boston for our last 2 days. )

After leaving the fantastic Dinosaur State Park me and Kat were headed east towards Newport-Rhode Island, our next destination. We didn’t have much else planned for our time in Connecticut, as we were both more than ready to just get out of the state and never come back. Nothing against Connecticut really, we just kept coming up against the… not so great parts of it. The hotel we had booked a room at in Hartford had lovely ladies of the night wandering around the parking lot (hookers, i’m trying to say there were hookers there), and we saw more cops in the 10 minutes we spent debating if we could actually stay here without having our car broken into than we had in the entirety of the trip. We lost our deposit, spent an hour getting lost and turned around in the suburban areas surrounding Hartford because our GPS had a mild freakout, battled the kind of traffic that makes people convert to riding bicycles forevermore and finally ended up in New Haven for our first night in the state. New Haven itself was….interesting. The only thing I can say about the morning we spent here is, Yale University seems to have a very beautiful population of students, the number of homeless people in the city seems rather higher than you would have expected, and parking wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be.

So there we were, driving down the highway in the middle of our escape from the realm of Connecticut, laughing over something or other and listening to Black Sabbath (or was it T-Pain?) when I noticed that if we took a SLIGHT detour, we could perhaps stumble upon just one last thing to make our time in Connecticut a bit more memorable. So I remember I looked over at her and said something like, “Want to see a castle?” and Kat being the fantastic human being that she is said, “What?Yeah, ok!” and so we redid our route in the GPS, stopped off at a gas station for more coffee and made our way to
Gillette Castle State Park.

It took us a bit to make our way to the actual location, and once we got there we saw that the actual castle itself was closed for the season (because of course it was), but if we wanted to explore the surrounding grounds, we could do that. And so we did. Only a couple of other people were wandering around, and while there was a whole mess of wasps dive bombing people around the southeast corner of the castle, we ran around exploring every inch that was available to us. It was lovely there, in so many way, and looking out from the overlook towards the horizon spread out in front of us, me and Kat agreed that while 60% of our experience in the state of Connecticut was an experience in patience, it was still very much worth a visit. We might possibly never come back, but walking back towards our car in the deserted parking lot, we were smiling and full of beauty. The drive to Rhode Island after that didn’t seem like so much as escape as a continuation.


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